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Bradford Shopping Centre


About the Project

About the Project

Retails Parks and Shopping Centres are high footfall areas and must be well illuminated to provide their customers a safe and enjoyable experience.

Midstream provides a cost efficient solution to asset owners and operators to improve the car park lighting in accordance with the latest Standards and Regulations.

This retail park in Bradford was equipped with 25m high-mast columns holding 1000W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps. These were retrofitted on a one-for-one basis with 330W LED asymmetric floodlights, without any modification to the mast. No rewiring was required, as this was a plug and play installation.

The carpark achieved high levels of light and most importantly, with high uniformity. This has improved customer experience, reduced the fear of crime, increased the effectiveness of the CCTV system through high colour rendering and added significantly to the shopping mall’s green credentials.

30 Lux

average light levels


Energy Savings


Years Pay-back on Investment

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