Acerca de las fuerzas militares

Iluminación ultrasecreta

Confidencialidad adicional. Complejidad adicional. Controlabilidad adicional. La iluminación de las bases aéreas militares es algo único. Y cuando se trata de eso, somos el socio líder mundial, más experimentado y de confianza del sector.

Hemos completado proyectos para las fuerzas aéreas de todo el mundo, incluidas las Fuerzas Armadas británicas, españolas, italianas, qataríes, alemanas, griegas y estadounidenses.

El diseño y la entrega de soluciones de iluminación para las bases aéreas militares y las bases navales requieren conocimientos y equipos especializados para hacer frente a los singulares desafíos que se plantean.

Challenges such as providing high quality, symmetric lighting over huge areas, keeping the airbases fully operable while a new system is fitted and having military approved security protocols.

We have that knowledge. We have that equipment.

Precisión militar

The military demands that their equipment is of the highest order and delivers the highest reliability possible 100% of the time. Commissioning an airfield’s lighting system is no different. That’s why so many air forces have turned to us to provide military precision solutions for them – they know that’s what we do.

The layout of a military airbase is totally different from a civilian airport. Our specialist knowledge of air force base design means we understand the complexities of working on these sites. This has helped us design specific solutions tailored for each airbase’s precise needs – such as high power, narrow beam, low glare, suitable for different climates, etc.

Military Lighting

Nuestras soluciones militares de un vistazo:

Iluminación del área de estacionamiento de gran tamaño.
Soluciones de iluminación móvil para áreas de estacionamiento temporales, zonas calientes/oscuras.
Iluminación de las zonas perimetrales.
Mandos a distancia y automáticos para todos los sistemas de la base.

Military Lighting

Por qué Midstream es el socio Nº 1 de las fuerzas militares

La experiencia importa, sobre todo en los proyectos de bases aéreas

A military airfield’s massive surface area needs to be fully illuminated by just a few remotely located masts. Our high powered luminaires and range of proprietary optics and visors mean we can do exactly that when others can’t. Our products can be controlled for operations where pilots arrive using state-of-the-art night vision devices – a unique need for military airfields.

If your lighting partner hasn’t got this experience and knowledge you’ll be fighting a losing battle from day one.

Tecnología moderna aplicada al mundo de ayer

Many military sites have been in operation for decades. And over that time military needs, equipment, and aircraft have changed. But field layouts and infrastructure often haven’t. That’s where our experience of managing retrofit solutions, for example to old masts, is key. We’re experts at applying our cutting edge applications to deliver what is needed today – and beyond.

Military Lighting
Military Lighting

Seguridad y normas

We may be stating the obvious, but no one can just turn up and start working at an airbase. You have to have military approved security protocols. Your staff have to undergo rigorous vetting. We’ve passed all clearances required with every air force we’ve worked with. And that’s not easy by far.

You also need to have expert knowledge of the different standards that apply to each country – especially where different forces share the same base.

For example, the UN works to its own interpretation of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards. The US follows the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. And in the UK, the Military Aviation Authority’s Manual of Aerodrome Design & Safeguarding (MADS) rules apply.

El diseño marca el camino

All our projects are design-led, to meet each airfield layout needs with the right combination of lighting products. We don’t have an ‘off the shelf’ product we recommend. Our experienced Design and Engineering Teams work together to deliver perfect lighting solutions for each specific airfield – whatever it takes.

Military Lighting
Military Lighting

La calidad del producto es fundamental

No puede haber ningún «tiempo de inactividad» o «cambio de ruta» en una base aérea. Jamás. Todos los productos de Midstream son de tan alta calidad, fabricados con un propósito y probados en el terreno. Es por eso que están respaldados en todo el mundo por los principales ingenieros, arquitectos y diseñadores.

Added benefit

Our experience of designing military airfield sites means we can value engineer existing projects to deliver real capital and operational savings.

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