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Examples of Faults

1) Potential Driver or SPD Fault if 1 module constantly out.

Fault Reporting - Midstream Lighting

Before assuming the fault of driver, another factor may be that the circuit has been set to an incorrect category.

The MCB needs to be a Category D circuit to prevent the trip.

Type D Circuit breakers= Minimum trip current 10 to 20 times rated current

This MCB is recommended for Led luminaires and high power electronic PSUs in order to avoid tripping the breaker with the Inrush current present at startup, which lasts only a few milliseconds.

2) Potential Driver Fault as above pictures if 1 module is flashing on/off

3) SPD (Surge protector device) blown
If SPD ok, a green light can be seen through the grill of the outer cover in the driver compartment towards the back of the fixture.
If this green light cannot be seen then the fault could be solved by replacing the SPD.

4) Damaged LED Board
Example being the majority of the board on at a very low level with potentially a couple of LEDs off.

Fault Reporting - Midstream Lighting
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