Dec 9th 2021

In this issue of meet the team, we’re talking to Graeme Birmingham, Junior Designer – Midstream’s latest addition.

Hi Graeme, can you tell us a little about your background?

Hailing from the Island of Trinidad I have always been artistically inclined; from a young age you could usually find me somewhere doodling on a scrap piece of paper, marvelling at what could be produced with a simple pen and some ink. I studied Architecture at University and found that I really loved architectural theory and had worked on commercial and residential projects during and after University.

I had decided that I wanted to expand my horizons as a designer and picked up a course on motion graphics and 3D animation. Before Midstream I had been working as a freelance designer working on several projects from creating dancing emojis for a portion of a pilot episode, character designing for a cartoon in production and to generating album artwork and graphics for musicians.

Why did you decide to join Midstream?

I was doing freelance work for almost a year when a good friend of mine said that Midstream was looking for a junior designer. I leapt at the opportunity as I could see that Midstream was growing at a considerable rate and I was looking for something more challenging that would ultimately help me make new connections and design every day in a professional environment.

I had a few conversations with Louise, the Head of Marketing, that impressed me. I quickly realised this was a great place to be, from the considerable growth of the company to the pride that the company has in its products and the effort that Midstream puts into their staff.

It was a no-brainer!

What is your role at Midstream and what excites you about it?

I am the new Junior Designer and what is there not to be excited for?

There is a lot of work to be done and I can’t wait to work with our influencer partners, creating graphics and animations for web and print and to finally get behind a camera again!

Your previous roles have involved Architecture. How do you plan to use this experience at Midstream?

As previously stated, I loved architectural theory, saying that my focus was mainly on placemaking and the neurology of architecture.

“How does a space make you feel” or “does this space speak to you emotionally and naturally” of course this process isn’t unique to architecture. I believe that it is applicable to any design where your focus is to speak to people. Working in marketing allows me to use this mindset to the fullest.

What has been the most memorable project you’ve worked on?

The most memorable project I have worked on is most likely an album art commission I was working on in September where the client had no idea what he wanted other than, “could you make it look like an old blank VHS box.” Needless to say, after a lot of iterations, it turned out to be one of my best pieces of work.

Tell us something your CV doesn’t

I once guessed a coinflip correctly 126 times in a row, so I guess I’m lucky. Other than that, I played on the national Trinidadian rugby squad as the teams Fly half which was a great experience.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have too many hobbies, in my spare time you can normally find me either sketching, rollerblading, or producing music.

Graeme Birmingham, Junior Designer

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