Aug 18th, 2021

Meet Josh Elderfield – the latest addition to our sports team

In this Meet the Team we’d like to introduce you to Josh. A Sports Journalism graduate, athletics champion, and a B2B sales expert – we had to have Josh on our side. Read on to find out how he competed at the London 2012 Olympic Stadium long before all the world’s superstars.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I’ve always loved sports and I’m still a keen long-distance runner. I’ve another side to myself as well though and I studied Creative Media at college. So, when it came time to think about going to University I decided that a degree in Sports Journalism would be a great way to combine both of these loves.

After finishing my degree I stayed on at University, firstly as Vice-President of the Students’ Union and then as President.

When it came time to join the ‘real world’ again, a friend suggested I think about going into sales. If I remember rightly, they said ‘You’re personable, you like to talk, in fact, you never stop talking. Give it a go’. I did and haven’t regretted it at all.

The first job I applied for was at Virgin Media as a Field Sales Executive. My manager-to-be took a gamble and hired me, even though I had no experience. It was a gamble that paid off for us both.

After Virgin, I moved into B2B sales and worked in the fire and security maintenance industry.

A couple of years later I saw an advert for my ideal role, one that would allow me to mix my passion for sports and skills at sales. I applied straightaway, and that’s how I came to work at Midstream.

Why did you decide to join Midstream?

As I said, it’s my ideal role. I can draw on all my sports experience to start conversations and build relationships with people. For example, just mentioning the fact that I’ve competed at a venue before can open the door for me. Then, because the solutions we provide are so great and we can prove it, the sale is already on its way to completion.

How do you think Midstream differentiates itself from the competition?

I’m still fairly new to the world of lighting, but I can already see Midstream stands out from the competition because of the bespoke services we offer and the quality of our products. We invest a lot of time and money working with clients to make sure we get things right for them – first time. The fact that we have so much confidence in our products we offer clients a free 10-Year Sports Warranty is a fantastic USP too. Together they give us an edge over the competition that they just can’t match.

What is your role at Midstream and what excites you about it?

As Sports Sales Executive my role at Midstream is to find and develop new business for the sports side of the business. We want to help all sports grounds from grass roots right up to the big stadiums get the most out of their facilities with LED Lighting.
The next stage of my career here will be getting out there and visiting sites and clients. That’s what I’m really excited about and looking forward to. I’ve already been on a few site visits and really enjoyed them

What has been the most memorable project you’ve worked on?

This isn’t a project as such, but it still stands out as a memorable moment in my career.

A month or so after joining Virgin I wasn’t seeing any results. My older, more experienced colleagues were easily reaching their targets and finishing work at 5pm. I’d still be going door to door at 8pm wondering what I was doing wrong.

Then one evening, late at night, I made my first deal. The doubts vanished and I realised persistence and working ‘smarter not harder’ really do pay off. From that day I didn’t look back.

Fast forward a few months and I wasn’t just meeting my targets, I was exceeding them by 150%+. I was the highest performing salesperson and my colleagues were asking me what the secret of my success was. Obviously, this brought its financial rewards. It was more than that though. It was the satisfaction of knowing I’d come such a long way in a short time.

What’s your most memorable sporting moment been?

This is an easy one. I’ve had a certain amount of success running. I used to represent Kent in cross-country and track. I was the Kent County Schools Champion over 1,500m and 3,000m Steeplechase Champion. I was also ranked 89th in the UK’s top 100 over 3,000m. So I had a decent athletic career in my early years.

But one thing stands out so much higher for me.

I founded and ran the Huddersfield University Athletics Club for five years. In our second, year we were invited to compete at the National University Championships to be held at the newly-constructed London 2012 Olympic Stadium – before the Games took place.

We didn’t have the financial backing of the big sporting universities like Loughborough or Birmingham. So we had to raise the money for our 20 athletes to be able to stay and compete in London for four days. I organised all the fundraising events and logistics needed so we could take part.

To step out into what is an incredible stadium and to have been responsible for making a dream become a reality for 20 other students was such a satisfying feeling. Coming away with a medal was just a bonus.

What do you do in your spare time?

I still run and I’ve got two marathons coming up this year. I play the guitar too. I picked one up at the age of seven and I’ve never stopped.

Josh Elderfield, Sports Sales Executive at Midstream Lighting

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