Aug 10th, 2021

Meet Louise Mahrra – our B2B marketing guru

In this issue of Meet the Team, we’re talking to Louise Mahrra – our Head of Marketing. With a career spanning nearly 25 years, she’s making us shine even brighter.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I’ve heard my career described as both a staircase and a squiggly one. Basically, it’s been unconventional and somewhat unintentional. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide I was going to be a B2B marketer. Who does?

I’ve had a very varied career and have been really lucky with the roles I’ve had because they’ve all exposed me to different areas of business. They’ve given me an awareness of how businesses operate from the ground up – across all departments. That certainly helps when you work in marketing and communications.

Spanning 25 years, my career has given me a thorough depth and breadth of experience across not just marketing, but all the areas that touch customers. So when I work through marketing activities, I’ve got an understanding of how messages will land with the audiences I’m trying to reach – across all roles and all levels.

Why did you decide to join Midstream?

From the very first phone call with the senior team at Midstream, I was excited by their passion for what they do, growth plans, and the company’s business potential. They’re a hugely ambitious team, and truly emphasise the value of people and the skills they bring to the business. I loved the idea of joining an entrepreneurial company with such an established level of credibility and industry presence that I can build on and help grow.

How do you think Midstream differentiates itself from the competition?

Having been here for less than two weeks, my first answer to this question is its focus on customers, quality, and longevity. The company cares about building partnerships with its customers. It gets ‘under the hood’ of their challenges and requirements and presents them with truly bespoke solutions that far exceed their expectations. It remains in step with its customers and continues to develop relationships with them so it can keep adding value to their businesses.

What is your role at Midstream and what excites you about it?

My role is Head of Marketing. What excites me the most about it is the sheer scale of opportunities across the varied markets and sectors the company works in. Midstream has had a really impressive and exciting history so far with great success not just in their specialist verticals, but also through their charitable work, associations, and partnerships.

Your previous roles have involved a variety of industries – from technology to aviation and sports. How do you plan to use this experience to help Midstream grow?

At the heart of all my roles has been a passion for storytelling and humanising B2B content so it speaks directly to people and provides them with knowledge, advice, and insights. The experiences I’ve gained throughout my career have given me a broad exposure to every element of the marketing engine – from the early days of print advertising and promotions, public and media relations, moving through to today’s ability to use marketing tech and data to create personalised experiences for individuals.

What has been the most memorable project you’ve worked on?

It has to be the “Sleep Well with Core” campaign I ran a few years back for a managed services IT company. The campaign was based on the key question “What’s keeping you up at night?”, and I went all out with the concepts and creative. I introduced three sheep as our woolly brand ambassadors, theming all our content around sleep. We had a “Sleep Patterns of IT Professionals” report, bedtime stories, and pillow talk videos/podcasts. It was so much fun to work on. But it was more than that. The results spoke for themselves in terms of ROI, brand awareness, and engagement – across partners, customers, staff, and industry media.

Tell us something your CV doesn’t.

I’m motivated by being able to support, nurture and mentor those around me. Over the years I’ve been able to help those around me – both in my team and outside work – to find success on their career path and achieve job satisfaction. I’ve been fortunate in my career to benefit from some amazing mentors and leaders who’ve inspired me and helped me become the person I am today. I’m proud to be able to pay that forward and use my experiences, inside and outside the workplace, to help nurture the next generation of talented individuals.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love road cycling, and my spare time, when I have it, is spent out on my bike. I also love baking and spend every weekend creating treats.

Louise Mahrra Head of Marketing Midstream Lighting

Louise Mahrra, Head of Marketing at Midstream Lighting

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