Hanwood Sports Centre

The Hanwood Sports Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a sports and fitness club that forms an integral part of the local community. With a full suite of sporting facilities that include a 3G sports pitch and a fitness suite.

The challenge

With a growing list of members and sporting events taking place the pressure was on for Hanwood to future proof their sporting facilities whilst finding a way reduce costs. The challenge for them was that the centre’s floodlighting masts were extremely old, the power supply was limited, and the existing electrical infrastructure was not fit-for-purpose any longer. We worked with our local partner to deliver a new, world-class lighting solution tailored specifically to the requirements of Hanwood.

Our solution

This was a challenging retrofit project that involved keeping the mast infrastructure in place and just re-heading the existing masts with new floodlights. We replaced the original Metal Halide solution with 16 Modus R1200 floodlights spread across the 6 masts. The solution was a perfect balance, not only because we managed to hit the light levels required but we did so with a solution that was lightweight enough to sit on the existing masts. The club now has a first-class future proof lighting solution as well as reducing maintenance and energy consumption costs.





Hanwood Sports Centre


Belfast, United Kingdom

Project date:


LED floodlights installed:



Modus R1200

Number of masts:


Lux average values:

215 Lux

Hanwood Sports Centre, Sports Lighting Case Study
Hanwood Sports Centre, Sports Lighting Case Study
Hanwood Sports Centre, Sports Lighting Case Study
Hanwood Sports Centre, Sports Lighting Case Study

The Modus R Series used at Hanwood Sports Centre

  • A lightweight, high-power floodlight designed specifically for sports venues.
  • Manufactured with a stainless steel construction that improves structural integrity and life of product a critical need when used across sporting environments.
  • Single remote driver that is outdoor rated for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Modular design allowing for versatile and tailored applications and solutions.
  • Delivers up to 144,000 lumen to meet the requirement of world class facilities.

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