Hymers College - Hockey Lighting Case Study

About Hymers College 

The college was founded in 1893 following the death of the mathematician and rector John Hymers. When he died he left a substantial amount of money for a school to be built ‘for the training of intelligence in whatever social rank of life it may be found among the vast and varied population of the town and port of Hull.

Originally a boys school, it admitted two girls in 1972 and is now fully co-ed.

Set 18 hectares of the old Botanic Gardens of Hull, Hymers educates about 950 pupils aged 8–18 and has around 100 teachers.

Old alumni include prominent sportspeople, diplomats, actors, and academics. The renowned physicist Edward Milne, who worked with Albert Einstein on the problem of the expanding universe, also attended the college.

The challenge

The hockey pitch at the college needed a complete make-over – this included resurfacing and replacing the old lighting system. So, they appointed S&C Slatter, a sports construction specialist, to oversee the entire project. After a competitive tender, S&C Slatter appointed Midstream to handle the lighting element of the job.

The brief for the new floodlighting was to:

  • Replace the current Christy’s metal halide lighting, which was old, expensive to run, and required a lot of costly maintenance, with a state-of-the-art LED system.
  • Keep the costs as low as could be by using the masts Christy had installed if possible.
  • Achieve a 350 Lux lighting level with an overall uniformity of 0.7, to meet the requirements specified at club hockey level.

This all needed to be delivered in April 2021, whilst the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing.





Hymers College/S&C Slatter

Project date:

April 2021

LED floodlights installed:



Modus S

Lux average values:

350 Lux

Nominal power for single appliance:

1100 W

Total power absorbed:

27,312 W



School founded:


Hymers College Hockey Lighting Case Study


Number of projectors

1100 W

Nominal power for single appliance

1138 W

Absorbed power (measured data)


Average light level

Our Solution

S&C Slatter was able to give us the full specification documents for the Christy system already installed. This included details of the height of the masts we were being asked to reuse, along with their weight and windage limits, and the current control systems. This meant our Design Team didn’t need to do a site visit and could start developing our solution straightaway in the office.

Because of the need to keep costs down by using the existing masts our Modus S Series was chosen as the ideal solution.

Specially designed for small to medium-sized sporting venues, the Modus S delivers a high lumen package way beyond what would be expected given its low weight. This in turn minimises the number of floodlights required per pole at the most competitive price. It’s also been manufactured for retrofit or new build projects and can support wireless controls. Plus, its Midstream designed light shields provide a very high uniformity.

For a full list of the Modus S features and benefits, see below.

As soon as the final designs had been completed our team of installers set to work and the system was up and running in just a week. As for COVID-19, we made sure all the necessary protocols were in place to keep everyone at the college safe from infection.

The results? We delivered the 350 Lux specified and actually exceeded the uniformity needed by 21% – at no extra cost. Both S&C Slatter and the college were delighted.

Hymers College Hockey Lighting Case Study
Hymers College Hockey Lighting Case Study
Hymers College Hockey Lighting Case Study
Hymers College Hockey Lighting Case Study
Hymers College Hockey Lighting Case Study
Hymers College Hockey Lighting Case Study

Our Modus S Series benefits at a glance:

  • The Series is designed with specialty light shields that provide a high uniformity for sports fields and facilities. They also reduce light spill for local neighbours and residents – an ideal solution for areas such as community and inner-city facilities.
  • Our exclusive, patented optics deliver full compliance to spill light regulations too.
  • It features a proprietary light engine that delivers up to 30% higher efficiency compared to other series.
  • The two-module configuration design means multiple optics can be used to optimise the light beam for each field type and installation height.
  • It’s equipped with a single remote driver for flexible installation and to save weight.
  • It’s also manufactured with a reversible angled bracket that allows for a seamless retrofit on existing masts, in both overhang and underhung configurations.
  • The Modus S Series has designed to support wireless control.
  • Because it’s made with stainless steel it’s extremely robust and reliable. This vastly improves its structural integrity and the life of the luminaires – a critical need when used across sporting environments.
  • The Series is also IP67 rated.

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