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Trafford Golf Centre

Originally called Play Golf, the Trafford Golf Centre has been running for over 20 years. With 60 bays and over 14 million golf balls being hit a year, the centre is the largest in both the country and Europe. It also has the largest golf teaching academy in the country – with eleven golf coaches. It’s home to a major American Golf store too.

Each bay at the centre is now fitted with a system called Toptracer that tracks the flight of a ball and shows it back on screen to the golfer. A camera-based system, it’s imperative the range’s light cover is sufficient enough to allow Toptracer to track the whole flight of a ball at night.


The centre previously had 16 metal halide 2,000W lights and was more than happy with the lighting levels they gave across the range. It was far than happy with the running costs of this system however – especially its maintenance costs. Each time a lamp failed they had to pay for an expensive replacement and get in a cherry picker to mount it.

So, the centre decided to make the switch to LED lighting.

The first company they worked with provided a 16 LED luminaire ‘laser’ system. Used in rally driving and big game hunting, this system gave a narrow beam that could reach the end of each bay. However, it proved not to be ideal for the centre’s needs as a ball’s trajectory would often take it above the system’s narrow beam and this meant it couldn’t be tracked over its entire flight. A way to supplement this system was needed.





Trafford Golf Centre

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Modus 600

Trafford Golf Centre - Sports Case Study


After assessing the issues the centre was facing, we recommended our Modus 600 lights as the perfect solution.

With its modular design, the Modus series allows for a versatile approach to lighting design, enabling new ways to combine different power products in the same location. Delivering a high package of over 112,000 lumens it meets the highest requirements and standards. Plus, it’s been designed to have either asymmetric or symmetric distribution, allowing for a flexible solution that can be used in a wide range of applications.

The centre decided to try out the Modus 600 and took a trial unit onsite. And after testing the light levels it could provide from several locations for a few days, the centre knew it had found what it was looking for.

We then set about the final design phase to meet the centre’s needs and delivered a solution using our Modus 600 luminaires.

Trafford Golf Centre - Sports Case Study
Trafford Golf Centre - Sports Case Study
Trafford Golf Centre - Sports Case Study

“Since the installation of the Midstream lights three years ago, golfers at Trafford Golf Centre have loved the ability to clearly see the flight of their golf shots even on the darkest nights in winter.”

Pete Styles
Director of Golf – The Trafford Centre

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