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There’s photographic evidence of an organised team being run in Winscombe before World War 1. However, possibly due to losses during the war, Winscombe AFC wasn’t officially formed until 1922.

An unincorporated body run by volunteers, Winscombe has grown from humble beginnings to now having four adult teams and 12 junior teams. And they’re now an FA Approved Charter Standard Community Club.

The challenge

Winscombe AFC had a problem. Every time they were hosting an evening match, or just training at night, they never knew if their lights would come on. Or, if they did, whether they’d last the whole time. Frustrating to say the least, especially if a visiting team was itching to get on the field. And things were even worse during bad weather.

Their old Metal Halide lights were installed over 30 years ago and had more than reached the end of their lifetime. They were incredibly inefficient compared to modern LED lighting. They were also costing a fortune to maintain. Plus, to top it all, they were no longer giving them the light levels they needed according to FA rules.

So, they called us in.





Winscombe AFC

Project date:


LED floodlights installed:



Modus R 1200

Lux average values:




Energy savings:

18,400W for the main pitch

Winscombe AFC - Football LED Lighting

Our Solution

Our first step was to set our in-house Design and Engineering teams on the job – a free service we offer. After a site visit, where fortunately the lights worked, they could easily see what the problem was. Too many of the wrong sorts of lights on too few masts.

The current lighting system was comprised of one mast in each corner, housing four 2kW lamps per mast. This layout simply couldn’t provide the light levels and uniformity the club wanted.

So our teams proposed adding two extra masts, at each side of the centre of the pitch, with each of the now six masts holding just three of our Modus R 1200W lights each. The cost of adding the two new masts would be more than covered by the energy savings our new luminaires would provide. And thanks to our 10-year Warranty the club wouldn’t have to face any costly maintenance for years to come.

The Modus R Series was the perfect choice for Winscombe because:

  • It’s been specifically designed and built for sports applications.
  • The Series offers high lumen packages with limited weight.
  • For retrofit projects, it’s the perfect one-for-one replacement for 2kW metal halide floodlights.
  • The Series’ modular design allows for versatile and tailored applications and solutions. So, it’s ideal for new builds and for where additional lighting is needed too.
  • Plus, it meets all FA requirements.
  • The list goes on…

To find out more about what the Modus R Series could do for you – visit our Modus R Page.

Winscombe AFC - Football Lighting
Winscombe AFC logo - Football LED Lighting
Winscombe AFC - Football LED Lighting

‘The new lights were switched on at 6.30pm on the 28th October for a match where our First Team took on Wrington & Redhill. Everyone was over the moon with the new lighting, and with the result of the game too. The 2-1 win now puts us third in the league and just two points behind the leaders – with a game in hand. A fantastic result to celebrate our fantastic new lighting. The team has a bright future!’

‘We are right at the heart of our village community and the installation of these upgraded lights has been a significant development in the Club’s history setting us up for the next stage of our development. It’ll give greater access to our training and match facilities for everyone in our area.’

Andy Flint, Chairman, Winscombe AFC


Number of Projectors2018
Nominal Power for single appliance2 kW1.2 kW
Absorbed Power(measured data)
Total Power Absorbed40 kW21.6 kW

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