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High mast LED lighting engineered to tackle your precise aviation needs. 

Our experienced in-house lighting design and engineering teams deliver fully compliant High Mast Airport LED lighting solutions. On-time. Within budget. And with a superior level of energy efficiency, anywhere in the world. For the last decade, we’ve transformed the design and manufacture of airport lighting systems. And along the way, we’ve become one of the world’s key players in this arena.

From major international hubs like London Gatwick Airport, Frankfurt and Dubai International Airport to smaller regional airports such as London City and Queen Alia to highly sensitive military sites, our background and expertise has helped us deliver custom-made solutions, every time.

Tell us about your Aviation lighting needs and we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution

Unrivalled Expertise

We specialise in the design, engineering and delivery of proprietary and innovative LED lighting solutions for; Aprons, Large-area landside applications, Areas with OLS restrictions, De-icing facilities, And more. All designed with longevity and easy integration in mind. We also collaborate with design consultants, engineers, contractors and AGL suppliers to deliver fully compliant solutions

At a glance:

  • 100+ global airport projects completed – from major international hubs to small regional airports.
  • We’re the leading supplier of LED lighting systems for airport aprons.
  • Our lighting designs are always fully compliant to required standards and regulations – including ICAO, EASA, FAA, MOS139 and more.
  • We offer easy retrofit solutions.
  • Our luminaires are heavy-duty, highly efficient, and durable.
  • We offer plug and play, including control systems, functionality.
  • We use our proprietary technology.
  • And our solutions are low glare.
Aviation Lighting

Quality and reliability – always at the heart of what we do

Our products are manufactured to the highest quality at sites in both the UK and Europe. All metal parts are laser cut, bent and painted on-site. All finished products undergo end-of-line testing before being packed and shipped. We also have full component traceability across all our sites. We operate an audited ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 Integrated Management System and continually monitor and improve our processes. We’re also certified to ENEC (Europe) and UL (USA) requirements. Plus, we’ve always passed any facility audits by independent certification bodies.

This means you can trust us to:

• Reduce your energy consumption.
• Cut maintenance costs.
• Minimise any environmental impact.
• Meet local or international requirements.
• Reduce pilot glare.
• Optimize apron layouts.
• Provide smart controls for dimming or zoning.
• And of course, vastly improve the quality of your lighting to help your operations
run safely and smoothly.

Retrofit or new build – we’re here for you: Retrofit

Working closely with consultants, engineers, contractors and AGL suppliers, our lighting design and manufacturing teams deliver advanced LED lighting solutions that can be easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure and form an integral part of a transformative airport update.

Flexible solution to meet your needs

  • Our Airfield Floodlighting retrofit solutions have been designed for fast, efficient installation to existing structures.
  • Plug and play features provide for safe mounting, demounting and maintenance.
  • The adjustable bracket allows for multiple arrangements on all types of heads and crowns.
  • And our luminaires are supplied with an IP68 quick plug, avoiding the need for rewiring the lighting system.
Aviation Lighting
Aviation Lighting

New Builds

We work with multinational contractors on the delivery of LED replacement programmes and directly with airports and architects on the design of ICAO compliant stands and terminals.

For new build projects, we:

  • Collaborate with our own extended global team of certified partners, design consultants, engineers, and asset owners to design and execute lighting schemes for new sites and expansion projects.
  • Give advice at the early stages of master planning and detailed design or roll out the entire project on a turnkey basis.
  • Deliver outstanding projects with the highest level of efficiency and affordability in mind, through a blend of world-class technology and leading names in engineering and construction.

Tell us about your Aviation lighting needs and we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution

Lighting design & documentation – we get it right first time, every time

We provide expert lighting design & documentation services right from the start of a project – free of charge. Even if your requirements change as the project develops, we won’t abandon you. Our design services include everything from the initial design consultations – including specifications, rendering, layout planning, photometric, energy efficiency calculations and much more. We’re happy to work with your consultants, partners, operational managers, engineers and whoever else has to input to the project. After all, creating the perfect airport lighting is a team effort. And, if local authority planning permission is needed, we’ll work with you to write and submit the planning applications.

Aviation Lighting
Aviation Lighting

Installation – no hassle and no wasted time

To make sure your installation goes smoothly, our expert engineers and supervisors can be with you from start to finish.

Our installation teams have years of experience across all our sectors – especially aviation. So, whatever the installation needs, they’ll be able to support you at every stage. This includes everything from; mast installation, fitting and assembling the lighting, lux surveys, compliance checks and beyond – wherever the project is located and whatever the environment.

We are one of the few manufacturers which provides both integrated driver and remote driver solutions. During the design phase, we’ll work with you and your consultants to develop designs showing the photometrics and analysis of both solutions. From there, we can decide which meets your operational, safety and energy reduction objectives.

Our mounting instructions provide installation teams with precise aiming guidance as well as detailed arrangements of luminaires on the masts. This helps make sure any errors are avoided and guarantees compliance with the initial lighting design.

Maintenance and warranty – protecting your investment

The great thing about airport LED lighting is it requires far less maintenance. It’s important though that you protect your investment to maximize the life span and return on investment. This is especially in true sectors like aviation where compliance and regulations come into play. So, our Airport Lighting Warranty lasts for 10 years!

Training and Education – getting your team up to speed

Many of the sectors we work in have very strict safety regulations – not just for the installation stage but for the final solution too. So, our experienced team is on hand to support you. Whether a partner, client, consultant or engineer, we’ve got your back. We offer a range of training and educational courses to support both our product and sector partners. From technical training on our product range to installation guidance or photometric testing guides and beyond, we’ll be there for you.

Aviation Lighting
Aviation Lighting

Advising and consulting – let us help you make the right choice

We’ve got many years of in-depth experience across the aviation sector, and a very experienced management and advisory team. So, we can support, advise and consult at any time. Whether for a completely new project or to look at existing solutions, just let us know.

Rebate and incentive applications – we’ll do it all for you

Applying for rebates and incentives for your airport project can be a complex and challenging process. Not with us. Thanks to our experience of securing additional financing where it’s available, we’ll manage and take full responsibility for the entire process.

Financing – from take-off to landing

We can provide you with project financing solutions for your airport lighting projects. Through our approved financing plans we can help you to manage budgetary concerns and hurdles.

Our NEW Brochure Has Landed!

Our aviation business is going from strength to strength and our new brochure has just landed highlighting our very latest innovations in this exciting and challenging industry.

Read or Download The Aviation Brochure
Aviation Lighting Brochure from Midstream Lighting

Photometric guidance for Aircraft stands: A step by step guide to measuring your lighting

Airport operators have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for passengers and staff. Having the right, compliant lighting is a critical component of delivering this. But often airport staff aren’t sure of their obligations and don’t know how to check if they meet them. To help remedy this, we’ve created our Photometric Measurement for Aircraft Stand Guide to help educate and support airports with their compliance needs.

Download The Photometric Measurements for Aircraft Stands Guide


We’re proud to work with Airports of all sizes, all over the world. Some of our latest projects include:

  • Abruzzo Airport
  • Aktion National Airport
  • Albany Airport
  • Athens Airport
  • BAE Warton Aerodrome
  • Bangalore Airport
  • Birmingham Int’l Airport
  • Bogota El Dorado Airport
  • Borg El Airport
  • Bucaramanga Airport
  • Busselton Airport
  • Cephalonia Airport
  • Chania Airport
  • Chisinau Airport
  • Corfu Airport
  • Darwin Airport
  • Doncaster Airport
  • Dubai Airport
  • Dublin Airport
  • Durban Airport
  • Frankfurt Airport
  • Geneva Airport
  • Genova Airport
  • Glasgow Airport
  • Gove Airport
  • Ibiza Airport
  • Kambebe Airport
  • King Abdulazziz Int’l Airport
  • Kos Island Airport
  • Kuala Lumpur Int’l Airport
  • Leeds Bradford Airport
  • Lima Airport
  • London City Airport
  • London Gatwick Airport
  • London Gatwick Fuel Farm
  • London Luton Airport
  • Lugano Airport
  • Luxembourg Airport
  • Marseille Provence Airport
  • Milan Linate
  • MOD Airforce Base
  • Muscat Airport
  • Mykonos Airport
  • Nairobi Airport
  • Napoli Airport
  • Newcastle Airport
  • Palermo Airport
  • Pescara Airport
  • Pisa Airport
  • Porto Airport
  • Queen Alia International Airport
  • Quito International
  • Rhodes Airport
  • Rome Ciampino Airport, Italy.
  • Rome Fiumicino Airport, Italy.
  • Sabiha Gokcen
  • Samos Airport
  • Santorini Airport
  • Seville Airport
  • Skiathos Airport
  • Thessaloniki Airport
  • Zakynthos Airport
  • Zaragozza Airport
  • Zurich Airport
  • Abu Dhabi Royal Flight

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