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Top secret lighting

Extra Confidentiality. Extra Complexity. Extra Controllability. Lighting for military airbases is like no other. And when it comes to it, we’re the world-leading, most experienced, and trusted sector partner.

We’ve completed projects for air forces around the world, including the British, Spanish, Italian, Qatari, German, Greek, and US military.

Designing and delivering lighting solutions for military airbases and naval bases requires specialist knowledge and equipment to meet the unique challenges involved.

Challenges such as providing high quality, symmetric lighting over huge areas, keeping the airbases fully operable while a new system is fitted, and having military approved security protocols.

We have that knowledge. We have that equipment.

Military Precision

The military expects and is used to all their equipment being of the highest order and delivering the highest reliability possible – 100% of the time. And commissioning an airfield’s lighting system is no different. That’s why so many air forces have turned to us to provide military precision solutions for them – they know that’s do in everything we do.

The layout of a military airbase is totally different from a civilian airport. Our specialist knowledge of air force base design means we understand the complexities of working on these sites. This has helped us design specific solutions tailored for each airbase’s precise needs – such as high power, narrow beam, low glare, suitable for different climates, etc.

Our military solutions at a glance:

Large area apron lighting.
Mobile lighting solutions for temporary aprons, hot/dark zones.
Lighting for perimeter areas.
Remote and automated controls for the entire base systems.

Why Midstream is the military’s No.1 partner

Experience matters – especially with airbase projects

A military airfield’s massive surface area needs to be fully illuminated by just a few remotely located masts. Our high powered luminaires and range of proprietary optics and visors mean we can do exactly that when – others can’t. They can also be controlled for things such as operations where pilots arrive using state-of-the-art night vision devices – a unique need for military airfields.

If you’re lighting partner hasn’t got this experience and knowledge, you’ll be fighting a losing battle from day one.

Modern technology applied to yesterday’s world

Many military sites have been in operation for decades. And over that time military needs, equipment, and aircraft have changed. But field layouts and infrastructure haven’t – and to keep the bases running full time they can’t. That’s where our experience of managing retro fit solutions, for example to old masts, is key. We’re experts at applying our cutting edge applications to deliver what is needed today – and beyond.

Security and standards

We may be stating the obvious, but no one can just turn up and start working at an airbase. You have to have military approved security protocols. And your staff have to undergo rigorous vetting. We’ve passed all clearances required with every air force we’ve worked with. And that’s not easy by far.

You also need to have expert knowledge of the different standard that apply to that country – especially where different forces share the same base. For example:

The UN works to its own interpretation of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards. The US follows the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. And in the UK, the Military Aviation Authority’s Manual of Aerodrome Design & Safeguarding (MADS) rules apply.

Design leads the way

All our projects are design-led, to meet each airfield layout needs with the right combination of lighting products. So, we don’t have an ‘off the shelf’ product we recommend. Our experienced Design and Engineering Teams work together to deliver perfect lighting solutions for each specific airfield – whatever it takes.

Product quality is essential

There can be no ‘downtime’ or ‘re-routing’ at an airbase. Ever. All Midstream products are of such high quality, made for purpose, and tested in the field, there won’t be. That’s why they’re endorsed the world over by leading engineers, architects, designers.

Our experience of designing military airfield sites means we can value engineer existing projects to deliver real capital and operational savings. And more…

There can be no ‘downtime’ or ‘re-routing’ at an airbase. Ever. All Midstream products are of such high quality, made for purpose, and tested in the field, there won’t be. That’s why they’re endorsed the world over by leading engineers, architects, designers.

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