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Atlas Series

Atlas Series

The Atlas Series is constructed with an extruded aluminium heatsink and stainless-steel housing. This construction gives it very high protection in the harshest conditions – including high temperature and salinity environments. The series is available with symmetric optics for multi-spot environments e.g. remote aprons. Or, for low-glare environments such as MARS contact stands, it’s available with highly asymmetric options.

A new standard for the harshest environments

We know only too well the impact that harsh weather conditions can have on the safety and effectiveness of lighting in maritime and aviation environments. From well-known international container terminals and airports to small naval ports in the tropics, we deliver advanced exterior LED lighting solutions for turnkey projects or retrofits around the world all featuring the robust Atlas Series LED floodlights. Alongside the high quality recyclable, extruded aluminium and powder coated stainless steel, the Atlas Series offers a highly durable weather-proof lens and anti-reflective tempered glass screens to ensure a consistently high quality, low glare form of light is delivered to the environment, whatever the weather.

Maximum flexibility, minimum waste

Versatile brackets and adapters to fit any existing mast infrastructure make the Atlas Series a winning solution for retrofit projects a substitution for 1,000W HPS downlights.

US Aviation Market: UL1598 Complaint

The Atlas Series is also a perfect solution for the North American aviation market; complying with the requirements of UL1598.

Features and benefits of the Atlas Series:

  • UL certified and DLC listed.
  • Proprietary optic lenses designed and developed in house provide the highest level of asymmetric distribution in the market allowing clients to achieve required light levels with less power, fewer luminaries / fixtures and all with low glare for pilots and ground staff.
  • Designed to have either asymmetric or symmetric distribution allowing for a flexible solution that can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Manufactured with a stainless steel construction that improves structural integrity and life of product a critical need when used in challenging environments.
  • Modular design allowing for versatile and tailored applications and solutions.
  • High lumen package delivering over 112,000 lumens to meet the highest requirements and standards.
  • An in-house designed extruded heat sink allows for highly efficient heat dissipation due to its large surface area, when compared with a die-cast product. This keeps lumen degradation to a minimum, extending life and performance.
  • Designed as standard with an integrated 2 step surge protection up to 15kA / 20kV which protects the luminaire against power surges meaning more reliability and longer performance.
  • Versatile bracket and adapters to fit any existing mast infrastructure for ease of install and quick retrofit applications.
  • DALI controls for plug and play capability.
  • Certified IP 67 for highest level of ingress protection.
  • Easy 1 vs 1 replacement / retrofit solution for HID floodlights.
  • Integrated drivers for high reliability and ease of installation.
  • Manufactured in Europe, stocked in the USA for fast deliveries.


  • Maritime (Container Terminals, docks, shore-side infrastructure)
  • Aviation (Aprons, de-icing areas, etc)
Maritime Led Lighting
Maritime Lighting

The products












Product Family Power Optic CCT CRI Voltage Input Control System Body Material Bracket Optional Visor
A (Atlas) 01 FH (Type IV) A (5000k) 70 US (277-480 VAC) 10 (0-10v) T (AISI 3CR12
Stainless Steel)
C (Angled Bracket) 00 Sx ( Visor for S
03 S1 (NEMA 1) B (4000k) 80 DA (DALI) M (AISI 316 Stainless
T (Straight Bracket) Fx (Visor for F Optics)
06 S2 (NEMA 2) C (3000K) 90 CW (Synapse Wireless) P (Pole Clamping) 00 (No Visor)
09 S3 (NEMA 3) D (5700k)
S4 (NEMA 4)
S5 (NEMA 6)


Atlas 300 Tech Specification English (pdf 665.58 KB)
Atlas 600 Tech specification English (pdf 550.34 KB)
Atlas 900 Tech specification English (pdf 617.51 KB)


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