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Hyperion Pro Series - LED Grow Lights

The Hyperion Series at glance:


Hyperion fixtures are not just highly efficient in terms of transforming energy into light (up to 3.8 umol/J – dependant on spectrum).

Hyperion’s proven, active air-cooling system delivers superior thermal management of the fixture and LEDs and creates further efficiencies:

  • Active cooling means Hyperion’s heat sink can be smaller using less material, creating a lower shading profile and overall weight.
  • This superior thermal management means Hyperion LEDs run at low temperatures, increasing their efficiency and extending their life-span.
  • Vertical warm air system. As an option, the expelled warmed air from the cooling system can be directed downwards, towards the crop, creating increased air circulation and a blanket of warmed air that reduces the need for greenhouse heating, thereby further increasing the efficiency of the whole system.

Hyperion’s modular fixture design allows for a wide range of different light intensities, spectra and mounting configurations;

  • Light outputs from 1200 – 3500 micromoles/s to suit any project requirement – from replacement of existing HPS/SON-T lamps with huge energy savings or the addition of significantly more light for the same power as HPS/SON-T.
  • Proven spectra for different crops and endless customisation possibilities to fulfil grower’s needs for every crop in every location.
  • Driver mounting can be integrated or remote allowing customers to place the power supplies in the most convenient location for easy installation, access and maintenance.
  • Plug n play easy installation using Wieland connectors to integrate with new power supply cabling or re-use existing HPS/SON-T cables and connectors.

Hyperion is designed to maximise value and minimise wastage with the most advanced range of optical lenses and control systems:

  • Optical lenses. Midstream’s vast experience in designing its proprietary secondary optics for challenging environments means that light is distributed more uniformly than any other greenhouse grow light and only where it’s needed.Spanning over 5m between rows of fixtures, Hyperion deliver over 90% uniformity from just 1.5m below the fixture with special optics to prevent light spilling outside the greenhouse walls or onto greenhouse paths.Whether the crop is grown high-wire or in soil/on tables/in a moving gutter system, etc, light will be evenly spread with minimal waste for consistent growth and quality.
  • Control at your fingertips. Hyperion fixtures can be dimmed using wired or wireless solutions that either stand alone or integrate with the climate computer.This allows energy costs to be managed, dependant on the amount of natural daylight and time of day, so the plant only receives the light it needs.
    As a bonus, Hyperion LEDs are even more efficient when dimmed!

The product

The Hyperion Pro Series

Hyperion Pro
up to 600w
Hyperion Pro Max
up to 1200w



Hyperion Pro Series 120

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