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About DeSoto County High School Softball

DeSoto County High School Softball in Arcadia FL is a member of the FHSAA and competes in the Class 4A – Region R3 – District D11 conference. With 1,169 students, Desoto County HS provides 17 sports team opportunities for their student athletes. A culture of excellence exists for all students in the School district. This includes striving for the highest possible standards as athletes, coaches and staff as they represent the school district’s Mission Statement: “To empower all students to become life-long learners able to compete in today’s society.”


The DeSoto County High School athletic facilities sustained significant storm damage to their Softball, Baseball and Football venues from Hurricane Ian which necessitated replacement and upgrade of their lighting systems.

The school officials sought to replace their existing lighting with the most energy-efficient and sustainable lighting system available to reduce energy and maintenance costs while also providing a long-term lighting solution to meet their current and future needs. The installation schedule of DeSoto HS Softball and Baseball facility lighting was also an important challenge given the pending start of their interscholastic competitive seasons.


Energy Savings


Fixture Reduction

Solution: Midstream Lighting, Inc. (Dayton, Oh)

  • Lighting Design, Manufacture and turnkey installation of 16 Midstream Symmetry 1000 LED luminaires to replace 24 outdated Metal Halide fixtures.
  • Provided 50 FC infield and 30 FC outfield- average maintained. Per IES RP-6 Recommendation
  • Energy savings of 54%
  • Installed Wireless Smart Controls:
    • Instant on/off
    • Scheduling
    • Fan Experience
    • 10 Year Trouble Free Warranty

“Our new LED lighting system is a huge improvement over our old lights. The quality of light for both the infield and outfield is helping the team’s performance, and the girls are seeing the ball better at the plate. In addition, the Midstream Lighting team was with us every step of the process!”


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