Symmetry Series

Sports LED Lighting


Our US Sports Luminaire was developed as an energy-efficient, high-powered LED solution to deliver the performance and reliability needed for sports venues in the U.S. Recognizing the need to balance lighting outcomes for player performance and safety, exciting fan experience, and visual comfort for neighbors, our expert engineers designed the Symmetry Luminaire for uncompromised results to all stakeholders.

The Symmetry Luminaire is designed with dual optics to provide the required IES lighting standards for all sports at every level of play. The Symmetry design supports horizontal and vertical light level uniformity with its all-in-one luminaire to reduce light pollution for a greater playability experience.

Easily configured and optimized for customized sports applications, the Symmetry Series was built to survive the harshest of conditions.

Features and benefits of the Symmetry Series:

  • Manufactured with a stainless-steel construction that improves structural integrity and life of product, a critical need when used in challenging environments.
  • An in-house designed extruded heat sink allows for highly efficient heat dissipation due to its large surface area, when compared with a die-cast product. This keeps lumen degradation to a minimum, extending life and performance.
  • Proprietary optic lenses designed and developed in-house provide the highest level of asymmetric distribution in the market, allowing customers to achieve required light levels with less power, fewer luminaries, and all with lower glare.
  • Designed as standard with an integrated two-step surge protection up to 15kA / 20kV which protects the luminaire against power surges meaning more reliability and longer performance.
  • Comes as standard with Synapse wireless controls for plug and play capability.
  • A uniquely designed bracket and cable retractor allow for ease of installation for both retrofit and new build projects.
  • All components are individually IP66 certified.
  • Our integrated management systems cover ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.
  • The Symmetry Series is UL certified for the U.S.

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Symmetry Series
Symmetry R1000
Symmetry Series
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