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Flare Series


We understand the need for effective and tailored alternatives to natural sunlight or HPS / SON-T grow lights. The challenges that the horticulture industry faces all over the world are continuing to rise, whether this is environmental, political or simply a demand for more produce. Our flare product has been designed and developed to engineer and supply a wide range of benefits and can be tailored for our clients’ exact needs.

Flare benefits include:

  •  Faster germination and root growth.
  •  Earlier flowering and controlled plant growth.
  •  Environmental and space maximisation.
  •  Significant energy use reduction
  •  And, most importantly – increased yields.

Plus, as with all Midstream LED solutions, there are environmental and financial benefits thanks to the energy savings and efficiencies Flare offers.

Flare – engineered for life

Versatile: Due to a wide range of spectrums and mounting accessories, the Flare can be used in a broad variety of applications.

Reliable: The Flare Series has been expertly designed for heavy-duty usage. The circuit design and thermal management system guarantee stable spectrum output over the product’s entire lifetime.

Practical: An integrated Midstream Active Cooling System (MACS) allows for an extremely compact design, while significantly reducing the shadowing over plants during daylight hours.

Flexible: Flare can be equipped with integrated or remote drivers allowing the user to place the power supplies in the most convenient location for easy access and maintenance.

Performing: The Flare PCB is built with high-grade copper material. This ensures LED temperatures are kept low to deliver high performance and a longer lifespan. 

Durable: The Flare Series is constructed from powder-coated stainless steel to resist wet, humid and corrosive environments. It is entirely waterproof. 


  • Greenhouses
  • Indoor sole source lighting

The product






PPF1440 - 1980 mol/s
Efficacy 2.3 - 3.2 mol/J
Power Absorption620 W
Luminaire Body
StructureCorrosion Proof Stainless Steel
Metal Coating Powder Painted
HeatsinksExtruded Aluminum
BracketHanging / Busway / Adjustable ropes
Weight8 Kg
Dimensions (L-W-H)375L x 202W x 161H mm
Electronics - Replaceable remote power supply unit
Voltage input 249-528 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Factor 0.95
Mean Time to Failure 200,000 hrs
Surge Protection Line to Earth 10 kV; Line to Line 6 kV
Insulation Class IEC Class 1
IP Rating IP 67
Short Circuit ProtectionAuto-recovery
Over Heat ProtectionDrops output current
Rel. Humidity Range 0 - 98%
Operating Temp -40°C up to +75°C



Product Family Power Spectrum Control Voltage 3F Voltage Input Driver Mounting
F (Flare) 62 SFLO (Supplemental) 00 3F (249 – 528 Vac) WG (Weiland Green) I (Integrated Driver) S (Suspension Rings)
IVGF (Indoor) CW (Synapse Wireless) WB (Weiland Black) R (Remote Driver) B (Busway Clamp)
ALGA (Algea Spectrum) NC (No Connector) R (Adjustable Ropes)



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