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The challenges facing today’s commercial growers are well documented. Price pressures, rising energy costs, labour shortages, supply chain issues and climate change are all combining to create a difficult operating environment.


Despite this, the emergence of new models and technologies across the horticulture sector offer growers exciting new opportunities to increase productivity and cut costs. Here, advanced LED lighting is playing a critical role.


Recognising the complex needs of growers, Midstream is setting new standards in greenhouse lighting. Leveraging the latest technology, design approaches and manufacturing techniques, our innovative LED lighting solutions are trusted by growers across the world to:

  • Significantly reduce cultivation time
  • Maximise productivity and crop yields
  • Drive down energy consumption and costs
  • Enable new and more sustainable operations.

Introducing The Hyperion Pro Grow Light Series

Building on Midstream and Hyperion’s extensive engineering expertise in horticulture, the Hyperion Pro Series is a unique, flexible, precise and energy efficient Grow Lighting solution.

Grow Lighting by Midstream Lighting

The Midstream difference

Lighting design – we get it right from the start. Our free-of-charge horticulture lighting design services provide the assurance you need. If requirements change as the project develops, we won’t charge you.

Installation – no hassle and no wasted time. Our expert engineers and supervisors are with you from start to finish, and our installation teams have years of experience.

Maintenance and warranty – a decade of peace of mind. While advanced LED lighting requires far less maintenance, it’s vital to protect your investments in the humid horticulture environment. The Hyperion Pro Series warranty lasts for 10 years.

Advising and consulting – helping you make the right choice. Our experienced team is here to support you at every stage, from initial planning to project delivery. If you’re thinking about a new project or looking at refit options, we offer theexpert advice you need.

Financing – making upgrades easy. Our approved financing plans eliminateCAPEX concerns with a range of flexible payment options to suit your business and budget planning.

Standard and Bespoke Spectra

Our Luminaries offer a wide variety of spectra to fulfil most typical requirements, however if you need to refine your perfect blend, we’re here to help. Get in touch with the team and we will be able to create the perfect spectra for your needs.

All our grow light recipes come with guarantees covering light output and spectrum stability for the 10 year warranty period.

Grow Lights Midstream Lighting

Lighting Design

Included as part of your overall project proposal, our Horticulture Lighting design services use state-of-the-art 3D planning tools to ensure our engineering teams design the optimal installation for your project.

You may want to retrofit an existing facility to replace older HPS lamps, deploy advanced LEDs in a hybrid environment, or deliver a 100% advanced LED solution for a new build.
We’ll make it simple.

Whatever the project, our lighting design services ensure the delivery of the required intensity and uniformity of light for your crop. And we’ll use the fewest luminaires necessary – optimising your budget and ensuring the lowest CAPEX and OPEX.

The value of knowing

A comprehensive lighting plan and project summary allows for a detailed understanding of the amount and distribution of advanced LED light, both at full power and dimmed outputs.

grow lighting - lighting design by Midstream Lighting

Introducing the Hyperion Pro Series Air Circulation System

With air circulation important in controlling humidity, crop transpire and grow rates, and in helping to prevent disease, the unique Hyperion Pro Series air circulation system’s got you covered.

Available as an option and best suited to crops where the luminaire is mounted close to the growing surface, this innovative feature leverages the air used to cool the LED system – blowing it downward into the crop.

Air vented from the cooling system is slightly warmed and penetrates 1m-2m below the luminaire – dependent on ambient conditions (to improve the air circulation in and around
the crop canopy).

the Hyperion Pro Series Air Circulation System
Hyperion by Midstream Lighting. Horticulture LED Grow Lighting

Download the Horticulture LED Lighting Guide

Find out more about our Hyperion Pro Grow Light Series

An advanced family of greenhouse LED lighting solutions ranging from 1000 to 4200 uMol/s.

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