B4 Agro

Crop: Lettuce (various cultivars)
Location: Warmenhuizen, Holland

About B4 Agro

In 2018, B4 Agro, a specialist field grown lettuce producer supplying the bagged salad market built their first 2.9ha greenhouse in order to grow in more controlled and predictable environment. A subsidiary B4 Hydrogrow BV has been created to manage the new venture.

Products and services provided:

  • Design of a cost-efficient, new 100% LED grow lighting solution for the whole 2.9ha greenhouse.
  • Develop 3 different light recipes with varying blue content to be applied at different growth stages of the crop
  • Manufacture and supply of 1,830 Hyperion 1750 luminaires.

Key achievements:

  • The Hyperion 1750 LED, equivalent in light output to a traditional 1000W HPS, uses 40% less power, significantly reducing the cost and carbon footprint.
  • Installation under the trellis rather than on additional c-profiles, reducing shading of natural daylight.
  • Independently audited and measured delivery of modelled >100 umol/m²/s light intensity with each of the 3 specified light recipes.
  • Key customer learning of how to grow with LED using different light recipes for different crop stages.

In recent years, B-Four Agro has developed into a specialist producer of lettuce, grown outdoors, mainly to supply the salad processing industry. The new glasshouse will mark a switch to indoor horticulture where lettuce will be produced under controlled, stable conditions hydroponically. B-Four Agro has tested deep water hydroponic growing methods has now investing in a new greenhouse facility to be run under a new subsidiary company, B4Hydrogrow B.V.

B4Hydrogrow’s’s aim is to get the largest yield and the highest-quality lettuces from every square metre of growing space. To do this, it will invest heavily in automated production both in the nursery area where the young plants are grown and in the main greenhouse deep water pools. Because the LEDs are much cooler than traditional HPS, they are better suited to lettuce production where relatively low temperatures are critical to crop growth and quality. In addition, different light recipes with variable blue content at different stages of crop growth can result in a denser, more compact and heavier crop, with better colouration.

Better lighting, lower costs, and rapid payback – that’s the Midstream way.

In the customer’s own words:

“When we looked at lighting for our new greenhouse project we decided to go with 100% LED as the most advanced, long-term option. We wanted an LED lighting solution that offered flexible light spectrums, simple design, low shading and a good commercial return on investment. Hyperion’s experience with their LEDs at lettuce grower Johan Desmet gave us confidence in the high quality of these lights.”

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