Sterling Suffolk

Crop: Piccolo tomatoes
Location: Ipswich, United Kingdom

About Sterling Suffolk

Sterling Suffolk’s new 5.7ha greenhouse, completed in 2018, is the first phase of a major new tomato production facility, backed by Enterprise Investment Scheme funding with planning permission for a total 12 ha, creating many new jobs in the area.

Products and services provided:

  • Design of a cost-efficient, new 100% LED grow lighting solution for a 1.4ha section of the new greenhouse, including electrical infrastructure design and installation
  • Manufacture and supply of 1,530 Hyperion 1750 luminaires.
  • Installation of complete grow lighting electrical system from transformers to each luminaire

Key achievements:

  • The Hyperion 1750 LED, equivalent in light output to a traditional 1000W HPS, uses 40% less power, significantly reducing the cost and carbon footprint.
  • Installation under the trellis rather than on additional c-profiles, reducing shading of natural daylight.
  • Measured performance of >200 umol/m²/s light intensity
  • Key customer learning of how to grow with LED

One of the most high tech and efficient UK tomato greenhouses, with 100%, state of the art, Hyperion LED grow lighting.

The first phase 5.7ha greenhouse is a state-of-the-art, semi-closed design, built by leading Dutch firm Van der Hoeven. Initially, 25% of the greenhouse, 1.36 Ha, will be lit 100% with Hyperion 1750 LED top lights to provide over 200 micromole/s/m² of supplementary light for growing Piccolo tomatoes, year round. Hyperion have delivered the total lighting solution, including supply and installation of the Hyperion luminaires.

To maximise production, quality and environmental efficiency, Sterling Suffolk will invest in the latest semi-closed greenhouse design, combined heat, power and CO² generation, and an advanced hydroponic growing system, in addition to 100% LED lighting. LEDs give off much less heat than HPS lamps. Whilst this means that the temperature in the greenhouse needs to be increased a small amount, it allows a much higher light level than would be possible using SON-T lamps. The specific wavelength light recipe available with the Hyperion grow light are proven for high-yield, year-round tomato production.

The Hyperion 1750 is one of the first LED grow lights that is 1:1 equivalent in terms of light output, to a traditional 1000W HPS lamp, but using over 40% less power. The horticultural light spectrum of Hyperion luminaires is also more efficiently used by plants to grow, resulting in higher yields and better quality.

Better lighting, lower costs, and rapid payback – that’s the Midstream way.

In the customer’s own words:

‘We decided that 100% LED was the way forward for the lit section of the new greenhouse and wanted to choose an experienced and technologically advanced partner who would provide a total LED lighting solution. The new Hyperion 1750 delivers the same amount of light as an equivalent 1000W HPS, allowing us to install just five units per trellis, which reduces shading and installation costs. These substantial product benefits, combined with a long warranty, energy efficiency, ongoing agronomy support and competitive pricing made Hyperion the right partner for us’

Sterling Suffolk Installation Update

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