High masts – crucial for high performance

High Mast Series

Whatever your needs, delivering the perfect solution to meet them isn’t just about the lights used. It’s vital the right high mast product is picked to house them. That’s where our expertise comes in. Our extensive range of high masts and columns are expertly designed and manufactured to suit your needs, no matter what sector you’re in. And buying the masts and lights together as a single system helps reduce risks and installation times, and guarantees you the perfect lighting solution. Plus, with mast heights reaching 50 meters and beyond, we’ve got the right high mast products to meet your precise requirements.

Base hinged masts

If you’re looking to keep maintenance to an absolute minimum, our base hinged masts help you achieve exactly that – thanks to their sturdy design and durable engineering. They’re available with hinges, either at the bottom or middle. And, as long as there’s sufficient ground clearance, they allow easy ground access to the lighting whenever you need.

Features and benefits of based hinged masts:

  • They’re super-simple to install and set up and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Compared to some other mast solutions, fitting them takes far less time – up to three times less in some cases.
  • You can choose mast heights of up to 50m depending on your needs.
  • If any maintenance is needed it can be done safely, quickly, and easily on the ground – reducing a lot of health and safety requirements.
  • The platform free design gives them a sleek, modern look.
  • Also, because no platform is needed wind load pressures and the foundations needed can be kept to a minimum.
  • Their operating systems and protective equipment can be housed in the mast or its cabinet.
  • They’re incredibly stable and can also be quickly lowered to cope with high winds and stormy weather.
High Mast Series

Fixed masts

Where a large area lighting is needed, our fixed masts are perfect for housing the significant number of LED lights required e.g. in sporting venues. As they’re fixed, they offer maximum stability. And if any maintenance is needed standard high-level equipment is available to make access to the lights trouble-free. They can also be supplied with a ladder and safety cage if you need to have regular access – making them the winning all-round choice whatever your needs.

Features and benefits of fixed masts:

  • With thousands of fixed masts already installed worldwide, the process of fitting them has been tried, tested, and is trouble-free.
  • As with base hinged masts, wind load pressures and the foundations needed can be kept to a minimum.
  • Because they have no moving parts, the masts hardly need any maintenance at all.
  • Maintaining the masts lights themselves is made simple thanks to easy to operate high-level equipment.
High Mast Series

Lowering headframe masts

If space is at a premium, lowering headframe masts mean the headframe can be easily winch-lowered to the ground if any maintenance is needed. Headframe latching can be made simple too if needed.

Features and benefits of lowering headframe masts:

  • As there’s no need for ground clearance, lowering headframe masts are perfect for where space is limited.
  • Maintenance is made easy as the headframe can be simply lowered to the ground. So, there’s no need to use any equipment to access the lighting.
  • To provide additional strength and more security headframe latching is available if required.
  • Unlike multi-cable solutions, lowering headframe masts operate with a single multi-core electrical cable management system for all the floodlights – with a winch and cable, or external guide rail system.
  • And all masts can have individual lowering motors built-in – for fast access.
High Mast Series

Bespoke masts

In some rare cases, an ‘off-the-shelf’ product can’t rise to meet all the precise needs for a project. That’s where the expertise and experience of our Design and Engineering teams come into play. They can work with you to develop a bespoke mast solution that meets your project needs – exactly.

High Mast Series


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