Maritime, Port & Terminal Lighting

From ship to shore, the right lighting is critical to the smooth and safe running of all port and maritime terminals – whatever their size.

Whether it’s for an international container port, a local terminal, or for maritime crane equipment, we’re dedicated to designing and delivering the most highly advanced, efficient, and innovative LED lighting solutions.

And for over the last decade, we’ve done that for many complex maritime, port, and terminal projects around the world.

Tell us about your Maritime lighting needs and we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution

Our expertise is unrivalled

Our vast global knowledge, expertise, proven record of success across the maritime sector, in all locations, and climates is second to none.

Thanks to our expert in-house Design and Engineering teams, we create and deliver fully compliant, custom-made maritime LED lighting solutions. And we do it on-time, within budget and with a superior level of energy efficiency – anywhere in the world.

And our solutions deliver sustainable, energy-saving lighting systems that meet the demanding operational, legal, and regulatory, needs of port and maritime clients.

Midstream Maritime Solutions – at a glance:

Our solutions allow crane operators to work efficiently and safely in all areas of the port. And mean personnel, traffic, and visitors can find their way around safely and easily – vital at night or during poor weather conditions.

We focus on quality, reliability, and power use. And take into account things like:

  • Light distribution versus energy consumption.
  • Light pollution.
  • Size of fittings and accessories.
  • Luminaire lifetime and the need for low maintenance.
  • The security benefits of improved lighting.
  • Product durability. Ours is trusted and tested.

Designing industry-leading solutions – for your needs

Unlike other ‘specialist’ lighting companies, we truly deliver full solutions for your individual needs. From day one to the final sign-off of your maritime project and beyond, we can and do take care of everything.
Our experienced teams have the deepest level of knowledge and combined expertise in the industry. They design, develop, and deliver innovative, maritime-specific, high power LED lighting products.
And when it comes to industry regulations or local governmental requirements, they know and meet what’s needed.

We deliver quality solutions that give you more, for less

Lighting design

We get it right the first time, every time. We provide expert lighting design services right from the start of a project – free of charge. Even if your requirements change as the project develops, we’ll be there to assist and support you.

Maintenance and warranty

No hassle and no wasted time. To make sure your installation goes smoothly, our expert engineers and supervisors can be with you from start to finish. Our installation teams have years of experience across all our sectors. So, whatever the installation needs, they’ll be able to support you at every stage.


Protecting your investment. The great thing about LED lighting is it needs far less maintenance. It’s important though that you protect your investment to maximise the lifespan and return on investment. This is especially true in the humid environments of the maritime sector. So, our Lighting Warranty lasts for 10 years!

And we go that extra mile

Training and Education – getting your team up to speed
Our experienced team is on hand to support you. Whether a partner, client, consultant, or engineer, we’ve got your back. We offer a range of training and educational courses to support both our product and sector partners. From technical training on our product range to installation guidance and beyond, we’ll be there for you.


Advising and consulting – let us help you make the right choice.
We’ve got many years of in-depth experience across the maritime sector, and a very experienced management and advisory team. We can support, advise, and consult anytime. Whether for a completely new project or to look at existing solutions, just let us know.


Financing – from launch to delivery.
We can provide you with project financing solutions for your lighting projects. Through our approved financing plans we can help you to manage budgetary concerns and hurdles. We can even submit rebate and incentive applications on your behalf, to simplify the process for your project team!

Tell us about your Maritime lighting needs and we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution

Specialised high-mast lighting for ports and terminals

Good quality, reliable illumination helps guarantee successful operations. And our high-mast port and terminal lighting deliver the lighting essential to the safety, security, and smooth operation of all port and terminal operations.

That’s why we’re trusted by the world’s busiest ports and terminals to design and deliver sustainable lighting systems. Systems that meet demanding legal, regulatory, and operational maritime requirements.

Maritime crane lighting

Due to vibrations and harsh weather conditions, much higher requirements are imposed on crane lighting than on lighting in ports and terminals. So, designing lighting maritime crane solutions requires a very specific knowledge of LED lighting – knowledge we have above all others.

Our Docker series excels in delivering the highest performance and durability. Built for specifically for maritime crane equipment, it’s a heavy-duty LED floodlight system. And is manufactured to resist the harshest environments for applications, and other terminal equipment, that need the performance and durability it gives.

Our crane lighting applications – an overview

Whatever your need, from a retrofit project to a completely new one, look no further.

RTG Cranes
Maximise visibility, increase productivity

The Docker’s wide range of optics makes it the perfect luminaire solution for any size of container stacker cranes.

STS Cranes
A new standard in safety

Midstream can provide bespoke lighting layouts for each type of crane, using the Docker’s optimum optic to lower glare, increase uniformity, and avoid any dark spots on the ground.

Mobile Harbour Cranes
Built to last

A sturdy stainless steel chassis and four-point locking brackets ensure the Docker’s precision light beam can be aimed to provide safe illuminance levels surrounding the crane, while symmetrical optical beams highlight the cargo handling area.

Our NEW Maritime Brochure is here!

Whatever your need, from a retrofit project to a new build, we’ve got the perfect lighting solution for you. Read our new brochure to find out more.

Maritime Brochure 


We’re proud to work with ports of all sizes, all over the world. Some of our latest projects include:

  • Aarhus Port
  • APMT (Framework Supplier)
  • Belawan Terminal
  • Hupac Terminals
  • Intermodal Terminal Venice
  • Trieste Intermodal Terminal
  • Port of Casablanca
  • Port of Mohammedia
  • Remarail Terminal
  • Lyondell Basell
  • Reimerswaal Shipbuilding
  • Waalhaven Terminal
  • Zenith Terminal
  • Smålandshamnar AB
  • AB Ports (Mulitple Sites)
  • Port of Yuzhniy
  • Port of Felixstowe
  • Port of Tyne
  • PNCT, Port of New York
  • Port of Los Angeles
  • Port of Long Beach
  • Port of Virginia
  • PD Ports UK
  • Cairnryan Port
  • Port of Piteå
  • Port of Halmstad
  • Port of Varberg
  • Port of Visby
  • Port of Oskarshamn
  • Port of Ystad
  • Port of Luleå
  • Port of Oxelösund


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