Maritime Crane Floodlighting

Optimising productivity and safety

We deliver crane lighting solutions you can count on when it comes to reliability, durability, and uniformity. Solutions that can be tailor-made for your port or terminal to increase safety and productivity.

Whether it’s RTG Cranes, STS Cranes, Mobile Harbour, or a reach stacker, Midstream LED crane lighting solutions give local terminals right through to international ports the reliable, accurate lighting they need to operate safely. LED lighting that complies with local, national, and global port authorities regulations. Floodlights operators and stevedores know will always come on and stay on. Solutions built with saline marine conditions in mind and tested to endure the harsh vibrations of the environment they work in. It’s what we do. We can do it for you.

We turn your ports issues into opportunities

Whether you’re a local terminal or running an international port, you probably share the same lighting concerns:


Cutting energy costs

Midstream LED crane floodlighting consumes much less electricity compared to traditional lighting solutions.

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In fact, we’ve cut energy costs by up to 70% for some clients when switching their old metal halide floodlights for LED ones. These are savings that can be used to invest in improvements to help reach your commercial and environmental goals. 

Increasing safety, security, and productivity

We provide tailor-made floodlighting solutions that reduce glare, increase uniformity, and avoid any dark spots on the ground to maximise safety across all areas.

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They provide a light coverage area four times greater than traditional lighting as well as increasing the clarity of light drastically – so crane operators can do their job safely and productively. 


Reducing the need and cost of maintenance

Maintaining traditional crane floodlighting systems isn’t cheap.

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It’s not just the costs of the new equipment you need to consider, it’s the operational downtime costs as well. Your terminal is optimized for every container move, so don’t let your lights malfunctioning be the cause for downtime. Midstream LED floodlights are durable and reliable thanks to the 316-grade stainless steel construction and they’ve been tested to withstand salt spray and vibrations up to 6G as well. 


Lighting designed for all your marine equipment

Our LED lighting technology is extremely versatile, long-lasting, and easily adaptable.

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Our floodlighting designs and solutions are always tailored for your exact needs. Whether you need lighting for an STS crane, RTG crane, mobile equipment, or Harbour crane, we’ll build the ideal solution for you.

We can turn these challenging and complex issues on their heads and provide the perfect lighting solution for your port or terminal.

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Going that extra mile – the Midstream difference


Maintenance & warranty

protecting your investment.

The great thing about our LED crane lighting is it requires far less maintenance. We’re so sure of our lighting solutions the Midstream Crane Lighting Warranty lasts for 10 years.


Advising and consulting

we’ll help you make the right choice.

With years of in-depth experience in port and terminal lighting, our team is here to help and guide you at any time.



with no hassle for you.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, we’ll be there onsite from day one – if you need us. No matter where you’re based, our expert installation teams will have your back.


Training & education

getting your team up to speed

Many of the sectors we work with have very specific regulations – especially in the world of ports and terminals. Sometimes you even have to be an expert in local planning by-laws. We’re here to take all that stress off your hands and can support you with a range of technical and training courses.


Advising and consulting

we’ll help you make the right choice.

With years of in-depth experience in port and terminal lighting, our team is here to help and guide you at any time.



getting from ship to shore.

We can provide financing solutions for your crane lighting projects. That’s not all. We’ll also support your applications for things like grants and subsidies you could be entitled to. We did this for a client in the US and won it $750,000!

Midstream crane floodlighting in action

We’ve optimised crane lighting solutions at local ports. We’ve revolutionised international terminal crane lighting. We’ve designed and installed maritime lighting projects around the globe. No wonder we’re the preferred supplier to many of the world’s biggest and busiest ports and terminals.

Here are just two of our crane lighting highlights.

Hupac Terminals, Italy

Crane Lighting Hupac - Midstream Lighting

Port of Venice, Italy

Port of Venice, Italy

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When it comes to LED crane lighting for terminals and ports, we’re the experts. Find out how we can help you achieve the perfect lighting for you.

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