Hupac Terminals Crane Lighting Case Study

About Hupac Terminals

Hupac is a leading network operator in intermodal transport across Europe and beyond. For over fifty years it’s pioneered innovative, reliable maritime to rail transport solutions. It’s also made an important contribution to the shift from road to rail.

The Hupac Group is made up of 23 companies with locations in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Russia, and China. These companies have 7,300 rail platforms at their command and operate terminals at important hubs and connect major European economic areas to each other, as well as to Russia and the Far East.


Hupac was becoming more and more dissatisfied with its current metal-halide lighting system.

  • Metal-halide systems are much less efficient than our LED solutions. And the amount of energy Hupac’s metal-halide lighting was using, and the costs involved was becoming less sustainable for the company.
  • The lighting levels their metal-halide system was producing were also below what Hupac wanted.
  • And it was spending too much time and money maintaining its lighting. This was mainly because the moving parts in metal-halide lamps can be easily damaged due to the vibrations caused when a crane is moving.

These aren’t issues when it comes to our highly efficient, solid-state LED lighting solutions though. That’s why, amongst the other benefits we offer such as free lighting design, Hupac approached us to upgrade its RTG crane lighting.

Crane Lighting Hupac - Midstream Lighting
Crane Lighting Hupac - Midstream Lighting
Crane Lighting Hupac - Midstream Lighting
Crane Lighting Hupac - Midstream Lighting
Crane Lighting Hupac - Midstream Lighting


Another challenge Hupac set us was it had to keep operations running the whole time. This meant a flexible retrofit solution, where we could work to Hupac’s schedules, was needed.

After conducting a free onsite review, it was clear our Docker 350 and 150 luminaires would be the perfect upgrade replacements for the current 1,000kW and 400W floodlights.

  • Their low weight and compact size make them quick and easy to install. So we didn’t have to interrupt operations at all.
  • The whole Docker Series has been designed for applications requiring the high performance and high durability Hupac was looking for.
  • Made with a 316 stainless steel body, Docker solid-state floodlights are built to resist the harshest environments and vibrations. So, Hupac’s need for minimal
    maintenance wasn’t a problem.
  • Plus, the Series’ wide range of optics help reduce glare, increase uniformity, and avoid any dark spots on the ground to maximise safety across all areas.
  • The Series can also provide a light coverage area four times greater than traditional lighting. Exactly what Hupac was looking for.
  • And, lastly but very importantly, because they’re LED, they’re much more efficient and are already saving Hupac a lot of energy and money.

The overall result? A very happy client.

Features and benefits of The Docker Series

  • Heavy Duty LED floodlights built to resist the harshest environments and for applications needing high performance and high durability.
  • A low weight design and compact size allows for an easy to install solution.
  • Designed with a wide range of optics to provide a solution that maximises safety across all areas and allows for the provision of a tailor-made crane lighting layout for your environment, using the optimum choice of optics to reduce glare, increase uniformity and avoid any dark spots on the ground.
  • Manufactured with Midstreams proprietary Asymmetric optic that guarantees a wide coverage of luminance levels for improved obstacle recognition and the light emission allows light to cover an area four times larger than currently achievable with traditional symmetric optics, removing the need for additional front-facing floodlights for example on cranes, resulting in a low glare installation.
  • Manufactured with 316 stainless steel to resist corrosion in harsh, saline environments.
  • Certified IP 67 for highest level of ingress protection.
  • Tested on STS & RTG Cranes.
  • Tested for Salt spray for 1000h according to ASTM B117 and for Vibrations up to 6G and 100.000 Cycles
    according to ANSI C136.31-2010.
  • UL certified and DLC listed (US Version)






Project date:

May 2018

Total number of cranes:


Type of cranes:


Brand of cranes:


LED floodlights installed:



Docker 150/300

Lux average values:




Energy savings:


Crane Lighting Hupac - Midstream Lighting


LED floodlights installed


Energy savings

Docker 150/300


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