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APM Terminals’ port system at Vado Ligure features two integrated terminals – the existing Reefer Terminal and a new, semi-automated facility known as the Vado Gateway. The Vado Port System provides rapid access to central and northern European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and France, as well as regions across Northern Italy.

Ageing infrastructure threatens productivity
The challenges of legacy lighting systems can go beyond just the luminaires. While outdated, gas-based bulbs present issues like high running costs and poor energy efficiency, ageing infrastructure can cause problems too. This reality is something that port operator APM Terminals experienced first-hand at Vado Ligure’s Reefer Terminal, a perishable goods transportation facility on Italy’s north-western coastline.

Burdened with 30 year-old high-pressure sodium lamps and high-masts, the port was struggling with a range of issues. Power consumption was high, low visibility was impacting productivity, and the masts had begun to bend under the strain of fittings and obsolete platform crowns with ladders weighing up to a tonne. Light was also spilling out of the port and into surrounding tourist areas, an issue that APM was under pressure to address.

Products and services provided:

  • Manufacture and supply of 84 Modus R1000 LED floodlights.
  • Refurbishment and rewiring of 15 high masts.
  • Design of a custom lightweight, low windage crown for existing static masts.

Key achievements:

  • 6x increase in average illuminance, from 20 to 60 lux.
  • Significant improvements to lighting uniformity.
  • Reduction in power consumption from 160kw to 84kw.
  • Annual energy savings in the region of €100,000.

A comprehensive, customised solution
Appointed in the wake of a competitive tender, Midstream began the process of implementing a full refurbishment of Reefer’s lighting system. In addition to installing new luminaires, the project team streamlined and updated the supporting infrastructure too, stripping out and replacing decades-old wiring and introducing new electrical cabinets at the base of each mast.

To help prevent any future issues with mast stability, Midstream also developed a bespoke lightweight crown. Combined with its Modus R1000 luminaires, this enabled the weight of the fittings to be reduced by around 75%. Now, lux values have been trebled, power consumption halved, and the light spill controlled. As a result, Vado Ligure has a system that is fit for the future – and delivering savings of around €100k a year on power alone.

“Midstream Lighting delivered the perfect combination of competent people and cutting-edge equipment. The feedback on the new lighting system has been excellent, from both an operational and security standpoint.”

Jacopo Belforte
Facility Consultant at Vado Reefer Terminal

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