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One of the largest port-infrastructure in Europe, Euroports handles more than 60 million tons of liquid, bulk, breakbulk and containerised goods every year. The company’s network includes 34 deep sea port terminals, 5 Inland terminals and logistic platforms across Europe and Asia.

High rise equipment suffers from low quality lighting

By virtue of both their size and the work that they do, mobile harbour cranes like the one at Euroports in Antwerp need powerful lighting in order to be used effectively. For an operator atop a structure that high, being able to see everything going on below them is of critical importance; better visibility simply means greater safety and better standards of work.

The problem for Euroports was that the quality of its existing sodium lighting in Antwerp had begun to deteriorate – creating a fuzzy yellow light that didn’t give true clarity or definition. Not only did this mean that it was hard for operators to work quickly and efficiently, the lights were also using a great deal of power and required regular – and costly – maintenance.

Products and services provided:

  • Design of a cost-efficient LED lighting solution for ship loader/unloader crane.
  • Manufacture and installation of 8 Docker 150s and 14 Docker 300s.

Key achievements:

  • Quality lighting system for a unique crane.
  • Fully bespoke design with 3D modelling.
  • Cost-effective, reliable and durable solution.

A modern LED lighting solution, with no heavy lifting

To remedy this situation, Euroports reached out to Midstream. And while initially asked to provide new lighting solely to cover the area under the boom, Euroports was so impressed with the quality of Midstream’s LED luminaires that they then requested that the entire crane be recovered with new lighting.

Two things in particular helped to set Midstream’s products apart for Euroports. Firstly, they were considerably lighter than many alternatives, something that made a big difference in terms of the crane’s weight limits and for ease and safety of installation. Secondly, the build quality was extremely high – the stainless-steel body and anti-corrosive powder coating being perfect for the environmental demands of a port.

With the mobile harbour crane now fully decked out in Midstream LEDs, Europort’s Antwerp-based operators are able to enjoy a clearer, safer working environment. Energy usage has fallen by two-thirds, and the crane can remain in use for longer periods, ensuring that the port maintains peak capacity.

In the customer’s own words:

“From the outset, we really felt the value of working with Midstream. They were always available, quick to respond, and have delivered high quality work and high-quality products in equal measure.”

Mohamed Belhadj, Euroports

The Docker Series Features:

  • Heavy Duty LED floodlights built to resist the harshest environments and for applications needing high performance and high durability.
  • A low weight design and compact size allows for an easy to install solution.
  • Designed with a wide range of optics to provide a solution that maximises safety across all areas and allows for the provision of a tailor-made crane lighting layout for your environment, using the optimum choice of optics to
    reduce glare, increase uniformity and avoid any dark spots on the ground.
  • Low glare thanks to the Asymmetric.
  • Manufactured with 316 stainless steel to resist corrosion in harsh, saline environments.
  • Certified IP 67 for highest level of ingress protection.
  • Tested on STS & RTG Cranes.
  • Tested for Salt spray for 1000h according to ASTM B117 and for Vibrations up to 6G and 100.000 Cycles
    according to ANSI C136.31-2010.

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