Belawan International Container Terminal – Prima Multi Terminal - Maritime Case Study

Belawan was originally constructed by the Dutch at the beginning 1900s as a transfer point for tobacco, rubber, and palm oil.

It has since grown to become the second busiest port in Indonesia – behind Java. And it now handles around a fifth of Indonesia’s container exports of rubber, palm oil, spices, tea, and coffee. Its major imports are foodstuffs and manufactured goods.

Belawan is capable of handling over two million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) a year.

The challenge

As part of a major upgrade to the port’s terminal yard, jetty, and trestle areas Belawan Port Authority decided its lighting system needed replacing. Old and at the end of its life, it wasn’t delivering the light levels required by the Authority for a safe working environment.

With Health and Safety becoming a priority, Belawan began the search for a lighting solutions provider that could deliver a 21st-century lighting system.

After considering a number of potential Chinese suppliers, they chose us to handle the project for them. When asked why, they said it was simply because we had superior product quality and performance, plus our significant, proven track record in the industry.

An additional challenge we had to meet was the new system had to be installed and up and running in a very short time frame.

Our solution

As this was a retrofit project, we first had to confirm that the weight and windage of any lighting system used wouldn’t exceed the Safe Working Load (SWF) of the existing masts. Once this was established, we chose our Titan Series – the go-to product for many of our maritime clients because of its reliability – as the best solution for the job at hand.

Designed by our expert engineers specifically for high mast and large area lighting like Belawan, the Titan Series delivers the maximum level performance possible. It’s has been built to survive the harshest of conditions, such as marine environments. And thanks to our proprietary optic lenses it provides the highest level of asymmetric distribution in the market – another requirement for this project.

To help keep costs to a minimum we were able to work remotely with the client on certain aspects of the project e.g. training the installation team.

From receiving the order, we delivered a full WIFI controlled high mast lighting system to cover the yard, jetty, and trestle areas – within two months. The client was delighted.





Belawan International Container Terminal – Prima Multi Terminal.

Project date:


LED floodlights installed:



Titan 720 and Titan 420

Lux average values:

20 Lux

Energy savings:


Installation Height:


Payback time:

2.5 years

Handling capability:

Over 2 million TEU’s

Belawan International Container Terminal, Indonesia - Maritime Case STudy


LED floodlights installed

2.5 years

Payback time


Energy savings

Why Midstream: “Because we had superior product quality and performance, plus our significant, proven track record in the industry”

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