The Port of Åhus

Åhus is one of southern Sweden’s more significant bulk ports and is southeast Sweden’s largest container port.

The Port of Åhus recently embarked on an exciting pilot project to enhance the safety and productivity of their NDC Container crane operations. In collaboration with Midstreams partner Energisystem, the port installed the cutting-edge Docker crane luminaries.

The results were nothing short of remarkable! The Docker series, which is manufactured in Europe and boasts a 10-year functional guarantee, significantly improved lighting conditions, resulting in increased safety and productivity for crane operators. Moreover, the energy-efficient fixture also led to substantial savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Before the installation, the crane was using conventional 1,000W sodium fixtures, which consumed a total of 4.8kW of power. After the installation, four Docker 300 fixtures were installed, consuming only 1.2kW of power, representing a 75% reduction in installed power!

The Docker lighting solution not only met the port’s lighting requirements and preferences but was also RoHs certified, free of dangerous heavy metals, and contributed to a safer working environment. The Port of Åhus is pleased with the positive results of the pilot project.

Crane Lighting by MIdstream Lighting
Crane Lighting upgrade The Port of Åhus

Features and benefits of The Docker Series

  • Heavy Duty LED floodlights built to resist the harshest environments and for applications needing high performance and high durability.
  • A low weight design and compact size allows for an easy to install solution.
  • Designed with a wide range of optics to reduce glare, increase uniformity and avoid any dark spots on the ground.
  • Manufactured with Midstreams proprietary Asymmetric optic that guarantees a wide coverage of luminance levels for improved obstacle recognition and the light emission allows light to cover an area four times larger than currently achievable with traditional symmetric optics, removing the need for additional front-facing floodlights for example on cranes, resulting in a low glare installation.
  • Manufactured with 316 stainless steel to resist corrosion in harsh, saline environments.
  • Certified IP 67 for highest level of ingress protection.
  • Tested on STS & RTG Cranes.
  • Tested for Salt spray for 1000h according to ASTM B117 and for Vibrations up to 6G and 100.000 Cycles
    according to ANSI C136.31-2010.
  • UL certified and DLC listed (US Version)

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