Football Floodlights

Performance is everything

Whatever level you play at – grassroots or top league – whether you’re looking to light a training ground, football pitch, or an entire stadium, our football floodlighting solutions perform at 100%.

We deliver LED floodlights football teams need to perform at their best. Floodlights football fans, sponsors, and broadcasters know will always come on and stay on. Floodlights football clubs can rely on to meet and even go beyond the requirements of the game’s national and international authorities. It’s what we do. And we can do it for you.

Whether you’re looking for a portable football pitch floodlighting system for your ground or training area right through to lighting up a new stadium, we’re the experts you need to talk to

We’ll turn your club’s issues into deliverable opportunities

Whether you’re a grassroots club or a Premier League team, you probably share four key concerns:


Cutting energy costs

It's proven LED football floodlights consume much less electricity compared to traditional lighting solutions.

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In fact, we’ve cut energy bills by up to 80% when switching their old metal halide football floodlights for LED ones. And these savings can be used for other objectives – like investing in new players or kit for your club.


Doing your bit for your neighbours and the environment

Our floodlights spill less light to your surroundings, making sure your neighbours have no complaints.

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You’ll waste a lot less energy compared with traditional football lighting and they are kinder to the environment too.


Reducing the need for maintenance

Maintaining traditional metal halide football floodlighting systems is not cheap.

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Far from it. It’s not just the costs of the new bulbs and equipment needed to fit them you have to think about. Factor in things like staff or contractor costs and downtime and the figures soon mount up. And if your system were to go down mid-match, it’s not just your reputation at stake. Switch to LED football floodlighting and you can say goodbye to all those worries.


Guaranteeing world-class lighting for years to come

LED lighting technology is extremely versatile, long-lasting, and easily adaptable.

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Our floodlighting designs and solutions always factor in the need for any potential changes – such as being promoted to a new league with extra lighting regulations. So there’s never a need to ‘scrap’ everything and start all over.

We can turn those challenging and complex issues on their heads and provide the perfect lighting solution for your club.

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Going that extra mile – the Midstream difference


Maintenance & warranty

protecting your investment.

The great thing about sports LED lighting is it requires far less maintenance. We’re so sure of our lighting solutions the Midstream Football Lighting Warranty lasts for 10 years.



with no hassle for you.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, we’ll be there onsite from day one – if you need us. No matter where you’re based, our expert installation teams will have your back.


Training and Education

getting your team up to speed.

Many sectors have very specific regulations especially football where bodies like the FA, UEFA, and FIFA have different rules to follow. Sometimes you even have to be an expert in local planning by-laws. We can support you with a range of technical and training courses.


Lighting design

we get it right the first time, every time.

We provide expert lighting design services right from the start of a project – free of charge. From the initial consultation to finished CAD designs to even helping get planning permission, we’ll work with you to deliver your perfect lighting solution.


Advising and consulting

we’ll help you make the right choice.

With years of in-depth experience in sports and stadium lighting, our team is here to help and guide you at any time.



getting you to the final whistle.

We can provide project financing solutions for your team’s lighting projects. That’s not all. We’ll also support your application for things like sporting grants you could be entitled to.

Midstream football floodlighting in action

We’ve brought world-class affordable lighting solutions to grassroots clubs. We’ve revolutionised football training ground lighting. We’ve designed and installed the lighting for major new stadiums.

Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield Wednesday

Midstream Lighting - Sports LED Lighting Experts

Arbroath Football Club, Scotland

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Find out how we can help you achieve the perfect lighting for your club. From portable football pitch floodlighting to a whole new lighting solution – we’re the experts.

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