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Midstream sports lighting solutions – Book your lighting assessment now:

Financial Peace of Mind: We want to offer you peace of mind when it comes to your lighting solution and we’re ready to support you from a financial standpoint as well. Midstream Lighting can supply a lighting solution with a financial plan that suits you whether it’s supplementing a grant or a full financial plan, the Midstream Monthly Payment Scheme will allow you to get the best solution with an incredible yearly service plan and an extended 10-year warranty on your lights.

Our peace of mind lighting package includes:

  • Free onsite or virtual lighting survey and bespoke quotation – no strings attached
  • Free lighting design including reviewing your current infrastructure, planning permissions and site requirements.
  • Best in class Midstream product: Made in the UK
  • Project management from start to finish
  • Yearly service & maintenance program
  • Extended 10 Year Warranty
  • 3-5 year finance plans available
Performance is everything - Sports Lighting

Midstream Lighting are dedicated to designing and delivering the most highly advanced, efficient and innovative LED sports lighting solutions. Solutions that are proven to enhance the quality of light whilst reducing energy consumptions and maintenance costs. Crucially, they’re also built to go the distance – even in the harshest weather conditions. We offer:

  • Full turnkey solutions – from start to finish we’ve got you covered.
  • Extended service and warranty.
  • Best-in-class product innovation.
  • New build and easy retrofit solutions.
  • The highest standards for all – from smaller facilities or the largest stadia.
  • Guaranteed quality via UK manufacturing and standards control.
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime.
  • Fully integrated solutions for remote control and management.
  • Significant energy savings vs Metal Halide CAPEX from reduced power connection costs.
  • Reduced backup generator need.
  • Smart control capability and dimming functions and light shows with DALI or DMX controls.
  • Robust construction for all-weather play.
  • Instant-on/instant-off and hot restrike.
  • All sports governing bodies including, FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, FIH, MLB, IBAF, and ITF design compliance.

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