Focus your floodlights on the action

The Modus S

Whether competing at the highest level or just chasing a personal best, all athletes know performance is everything. And when it comes to sports lighting, nothing outperforms the Modus S Series.

Reasons to choose the Modus S Series

  • Drastically improved venue lighting
  • Improved lighting improves performance.
  • 50%+ energy savings.
  • Cut maintenance times and costs.
  • Perfect for retrofit and newbuild projects.
  • Future proof your venue.
The Modus S Series Midstream Lighting

See the Modus S Series in action…

Upgrade your sporting facilities and upgrade performance

Give any athlete the choice of best-in-class kit and equipment versus something standard, or below par, and they’ll give you a very quick answer. The best will always bring out the best. And that’s how you need to think about your venue lighting.

The Modus S Series Midstream Lighting

Save on energy and maintenance costs

  • The Modus S Series is extremely efficient, so energy costs can be vastly reduced.
  • You’ll get the light quality you need, where you need it – with fewer lights.
  • The series’ wireless capabilities can put you in ultimate control and can save you even more money.
  • Quality construction cuts maintenance and downtime costs hugely.

Designed with you and your neighbours in mind

Our specially designed light shields allow the Modus S to deliver a high level of uniformity across sports areas. That’s not all. They mean any light spill for your neighbours is cut dramatically too. A win-win.

The Modus S Series Midstream Lighting
The Modus S Series Midstream Lighting

Unparalleled, world-beating quality – critical for harsh sporting environments.

  • European made.
  • IP67 rated – guaranteeing a completely waterproof solution.
  • Full certification.
  • Built with aerospace-grade materials.
  • Stainless steel construction improves structural integrity and life.

Easy installation on retrofit and newbuild projects

If you’re looking to retrofit your existing facilities, or need a newbuild solution, you don’t need to look further than the Modus S Series.

Why? Because its low weight design makes it perfect for both retrofit and newbuild projects. The single remote driver allows for flexible installation. Its ‘Plug & Play’ feature uses existing wiring and infrastructure. And its reversible, angled bracket allows it to be installed under or overhung on the T-bar.

Modus S Midstream Lighting

Future-proof your facility and standards

• Extremely powerful and versatile – the Modus S will meet your needs for years to come.
• Plus, its 10-year warranty gives you complete peace of mind.

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