Performance is Everything

Whether it’s a local football pitch or prestigious sporting arena, we make sure the lighting is flawless.

The lighting of stadia, arenas, and multipurpose venues demands the most intelligent luminaire technologies. Because, when the lights go on spectators, athletes, sponsors, and broadcasters expect total performance. So, we’ve designed our bespoke low-cost yet high-definition solutions to deliver that performance and made them the perfect match for the technically challenging and complex needs of sports lighting.

Across the whole world of sports, from grassroots facilities to international sports stadia, we deliver world-class LED lighting solutions. We can do it for you too.

Full Service Sporting Solutions

Our experienced teams possess a deep level of knowledge and shared expertise in a wide variety of high-power, full turnkey lighting solutions for the sports sector. They continue to develop and innovate with sports-specific, high-power LED lighting products that fulfil the most exacting project specifications, including FIFA or UEFA rules, local government or sporting bodies’ requirements.

We deliver LED lighting solutions that are proven to enhance the quality of light that positively impacts performance, while also being kinder to the environment and keeping costs down. Crucially, they’re also built to go the distance – even in the harshest weather conditions.

We remain committed to the highest quality of manufacturing, which means our solutions keep replacement and maintenance costs to the bare minimum.

So, where efficiency and high standards are needed, we deliver a quality solution that delivers more, for less.

Unrivalled Sector Expertise

From our collective international experience, we understand that the needs and environments of all kinds of sporting facilities – be they grassroots local pitches or grandiose national stadiums – can and do vary greatly. For example:

  • In the case of everyday sporting venues, where pitches and space is subject to daily use, reliability and cost are paramount for club owners to ensure an efficient, economic and reliable long term solution.
  • For aqua centres, leisure pools, indoor and outdoor training pools, a different set of challenges often arise due to demanding atmospheric conditions. These need high quality, trouble-free, waterproof and long-lasting lighting that’s robust enough to endure both the humidity and the potentially erosive effects of chlorinated water.
  • Golf driving ranges are frequently a key supplementary source of income for many clubs. This means effective, low-cost and low-maintenance lighting is essential to maximise the facility’s availability to customers – and the clubs’ revenue.
  • Showjumping, evening race meets, gymkhanas, dressage, and many other equestrian disciplines demand artificial LED light solutions that can extend training and event duration. This allows them to increase their flexibility of scheduling and revenue generation.
  • Professional and high-level sports stadiums need the very best LED technology and sophisticated lighting solutions. After all, the viewing of any great event has to be crystal clear – both inside the stadium and when beamed onto televisions screens around the world.

Whatever the sport, stadium, lighting requirement or arena size, we create custom-built LED lighting packages, along with:

  • A breakdown of luminaire numbers
  • Complete installation, handling, and maintenance guidance
  • Detailed mounting instructions to support the installation teams

We know performance is everything

Whether it’s a prestigious sporting arena or a local football pitch, we make sure our lighting solutions perform – at 100%. Our in-house Lighting Design and Engineering teams create flawless LED sports lighting. Lighting that combines precision design, manufacturing, and expertise that’s 2nd to none. Beyond design, our team has unrivalled experience in installation supervision, project management, onsite aiming and commissioning and troubleshooting, so you get the support on the field, not just on a spreadsheet.

Sporting solutions at a glance:

  • Full turnkey solutions. From start to finish we’ve got you covered, whether you’re in the design or planning phases, product supply or installation.
  • Extended service and warranty.
  • Best-in-class product innovation.
  • New build and easy retrofit solutions.
  • The highest standards for all – from smaller facilities or the largest stadia.
  • Guaranteed quality via European and US manufacturing and standards control.
  • Proven energy savings to support your environmental goals.
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime.
  • Fully integrated solutions for remote control and management.
  • Significant energy savings vs Metal Halide CAPEX from reduced power connection costs.
  • Reduced backup generator need.
  • Smart control capability and dimming functions and light shows with DALI or DMX controls
  • Robust construction for all-weather play.
  • Instant-on/instant-off and hot restrike.
  • FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, FIH, MLB, IBAF, and ITF design compliance.

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