Telford & Wrekin Hockey Club, Telford, Shropshire - England

Telford & Wrekin Hockey Club

Founded in 1895, Telford & Wrekin is one of the oldest hockey clubs in the UK. Hosting more than 200 members, the club fields four women’s teams, six men’s, alongside a number of junior squads. Matches and training are hosted on the astroturf pitches at St. George’s Sports & Social Club in Telford.

Two decades of use take their toll
The longer that a lighting system remains in use, the less effective it becomes. That’s true not just in relation to visibility-related factors like quality and uniformity, but in terms of operational issues such as power efficiency, too. Ageing luminaires – particularly those that utilise legacy technologies such as sodium-vapour and metal-halides – simply demand more power than newer equivalents.

That issue was one that the team at Telford & Wrekin Hockey Club was only too aware of. As one of the area’s largest amateur sports clubs, Telford & Wrekin hosts multiple games and training sessions every week. With a floodlighting system that dated back to the turn of the millennium, however, and with energy prices continuing to rise, keeping those activities running was beginning to become increasingly expensive.

Products and services provided:

  • Manufacture and supply of 20 Modus S1100 LED floodlights.
  • Full stability testing for existing mast infrastructure.

Key achievements:

  • 48% reduction in energy consumption
  • System delivers an average illuminance of 397 lux


Energy Savings

397 lux

System average illuminance deliverance

Modus S Floodlights


Less power, more training
Keen to address this problem, the club issued a competitive tender for a modernised lighting system, a process subsequently won by Midstream Lighting. Key to Midstream’s appointment was a proposal that utilised the company’s lightweight Modus S1100 luminaires, a decision that would enable Telford & Wrekin to retain its existing mast infrastructure in spite of its age – a significant saving on the overall project cost.

Since being installed, those new luminaires have been delivering excellent results. Overall lighting quality has been significantly improved, making for a more enjoyable on-pitch experience. What’s more, a 48% reduction in power consumption has enabled the club to run a greatly expanded training schedule. The new solution is expected to have paid for itself in under five years.

“Feedback from all our players has been really positive on the improved lighting levels, the reduced light spillage is also very noticeable”

– Chris Nightingale, Business Manager, Telford & Wrekin Hockey Club

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