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Peckham BMX Club, Burgess Park Case Study

Formed in 2004 by DJ, television presenter, and entrepreneur Ck Flash, Peckham BMX Club now welcomes more than 100 riders every week. Accommodating members from ages four to 40+, the club has played host to both British and European champions alike, and some of the world’s highest-ranked BMX stars including Tre Whyte and Kat Davidson.

Counting the cost of power consumption
Rising energy prices are a problem for every organisation, no matter the size. For smaller, community-run ventures, though, the soaring cost of power presents a particularly significant challenge. As a result, anything that can be done to bring down overall power consumption typically results in significant cost savings, particularly when it comes to high-use, high-intensity assets like floodlights.

Such was the case at Burgess Park BMX track – home of Peckham BMX Club – where an ageing floodlighting system was proving to be increasingly expensive to run. At the heart of that system were 24 2kW metal-halide luminaires. Originally installed when the track first opened in 2013, those units had become increasingly inefficient, particularly in comparison to modern, LED-based alternatives.

Products and services provided:

  • Manufacture and supply of 24 Modus R1000 LED floodlights.

Key achievements:

  • Delivered a 500+ lux lighting system with uniformity of 0.7.
  • Achieved a ~50% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Return on investment expected within 3.5 – 5 years.

Extensive experience meets world-leading design
Change was clearly due, and Southwark Council – which operates Burgess Park – moved ahead with a project to replace the old system. With its extensive history in specialist sports lighting, Midstream Lighting was selected for the project. Key to that was a “retrofit” design that left the existing floodlighting columns untouched, something that would reduce overall costs by focusing solely on replacement luminaires.

Those new units would take the form of Midstream’s Modus R1000, a floodlight custom built for the demands of sports lighting. Delivering excellent uniformity and an average light level of 500+ lux, the R1000s have also helped to reduce power consumption by around 50%. With the lights running for more than 550 hours every year, that represents a significant cost saving – one that should see a return on investment realised within 5 years at most.

“Not only have the new floodlights helped to create a better and brighter environment for the riders here, they’re also delivering major environmental and financial benefits too. Midstream handled the entire project flawlessly from start to finish. ”

Ross Sellen – Southwark Council

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