Mansfield Harriers & Berry Hill Athletics Track

Working in partnership with England Athletics and Mansfield Council we’ve brought the Harriers home! Watch the story below…

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About the project

Mansfield Harriers is a thriving running and athletics club based in Mansfield, England, formed back in 1920 they have had many generations of athletes who have run for both club and country pass through their ranks. The club celebrated their centenary year in 2020 however up until May 2021 they didn’t have a facility to call their home. From 1920 – 1958 the Club operated out of various venues until it moved to Berry Hill Park Mansfield where the athletes trained on a cinder track up-until 1988 when the current synthetic track was laid. Unfortunately for various reasons in 2012 the club had to leave their home track and in doing so they lost a huge part of who they are. Over the course of 8 years and without a club using the facility the site deteriorated to almost a point of no return until a very unique partnership formed, driven by Pat Carlan the Chairman of Mansfield Harriers, England Athletics and their official facility partners the site has been brought back to life, and the Harriers have finally returned home.

We were extremely proud to be part of this unique story, challenged with lighting the running track we supported the club from start to finish, working with England Athletics to secure the vital funding needed from sporting bodies and the council, to designing and installing the solution. Watch the full story below, and find out what it means to the club and community to have come home to Berry Hill Park.

The challenge

Before the project to bring the club’s home back to life, the Harriers could only use the local roads and pavements to train at night. Obviously, this meant the runners weren’t safe as they ran and this was ‘a constant worry each evening’ for the club’s Chairman, Pat Carlan. Something had to be done.

The old lighting system had been vandalised and wasn’t working. Even if had it been operational, it was over 25 years old and would have been expensive to run in terms of the high amount of electricity it would have consumed and wasted. Plus, the maintenance of lights that old is far from cheap. It also wasn’t know if the existing masts would be able to withstand holding new lighting.


This is where we, as world-leading lighting experts and Official Lighting Partners of England Athletics, were brought in.

Pat, the Chairman, had already started a successful local campaign, with support of the Mansfield Council, to raise funds for the regeneration project. England Athletics and Midstream were able to help this with by gaining funding from sporting bodies. The project was given the ‘green light’.





Mansfield Harriers/Mansfield District Council

Project date:

April 2021

Project Location:

Mansfield, England.

LED floodlights installed:



Modus S


Track 0.63 / Field 0.55

Lux average values:

Track 209 Lux / Field 103 lux

Energy savings:

41.7 KW

Payback time:

5-6 years


LED floodlights installed

41.7 kW

Energy savings

5-6 years

Payback time

Our solution:

We quickly set our Design and Engineering teams to work. After examining the site, and the current infrastructure, they decided our Modus S Series would provide the perfect solution.

Specially designed for small to medium-sized sports facilities, and thanks to its adaptable construction, low windage properties, and high lumen delivery the Modus S is ideal for retrofit projects. It also provides a lumen package so high the number of lamps needed on the old system could be cut and the existing masts used. This meant the costs of the project would be kept as low as possible.

The specialty light shields, and patented optics of the Modus S allow light spill into other surrounding areas to be minimised. In this case, though, we were asked and designed the system to spill some light around the park area to help make it a safer space for the local community as well.


As with all our solutions, the Modus S is highly efficient so the club’s energy use would be cut by over half compared to the old system. The Series is incredibly robust and reliable, meaning maintenance costs would be slashed too.

You’ll find a full list of the Modus S Series features and benefits below.

Our onsite team completed the installation of the new system in April and the reopening celebration is set to take place once Covid restriction have lifted in July.


The Modus S is built for small to medium-sized sports applications and it offers high lumen packages with minimum weight. It reduces the number of floodlights needed per mast at the most competitive price. It can be used for both retrofit and new builds and meets industry all industry standards and specifications across the applications it’s used for.

  • The Series is designed with specialty light shields to provide high uniformity for sports fields and facilities as well as to specifically reduce light spill for local neighbours and residents – an ideal solution for areas such as community and inner-city facilities
  • It features a proprietary light engine that delivers up to 30% higher efficiency compared to other series.
  • The two-module configuration design allows the use of multiple optics to optimize the light beam for each field type and installation height.
  • It’s equipped with a single remote driver for flexible installation and weight saving.
  • It’s also manufactured with a reversible angled bracket that allows for a seamless retrofit on existing masts, in both overhang and underhung configuration.
  • The Modus S Series has designed to support wireless control.
  • Because it’s manufactured with a stainless steel construction, the structural integrity and life of the product are extremely robust and reliable – a critical need when used across sporting environments.
  • Our exclusive, patented optics deliver full compliance to spill light regulations too.
  • The Series is also IP67 Rated.

‘Oh my goodness. Will you look at that? From what it was to this? It’s lifted the whole area. This is not just a track. This is living history. And now it’s more alive than ever.’

This is what Pat Carlan – Chairman, Mansfield Harriers said on the evening the new lighting was first turned on at Berry Hill Park.


Before LED
Number of Projectors 32 x 2Kw 29 x 1.1Kw
Nominal Power for single appliance 2.3Kw 1.1Kw
Absorbed Power (measured data) 73.6Kw 31.9Kw
Uniformity 0.20 0.60

‘In 2020 we joined forces with Midstream Lighting because what they do can make a huge difference to athletics venues up and down the country. And we want to use the Mansfield Harriers site as an example of what we can achieve together.’

Ed Hunt, Facilities and Planning Manager at England Athletics also said

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