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BMX Raceway Case Study

Established in 1996 and located at the Charlton Leisure Park, Andover BMX Club operates one of the few tracks in the South of England that conforms to British Cycling standards for regional level racing. The club welcomes members of all ages and experience levels, and also offers comprehensive coaching for those just getting started with the sport.

Daylight hours only for Andover’s racers
Floodlit BMX facilities are a comparative rarity in the UK. While the country’s football grounds, hockey pitches, and tennis courts are frequently blessed with high-powered lighting systems, most BMX tracks are reliant on natural light alone. As a result, when the sun drops behind the horizon, activity comes to a halt until the next day begins – something that puts severe restrictions on a club’s ability to accommodate the needs of its members.

Such was the case for Andover BMX Club in Hampshire. With financial support from Test Valley Borough Council, and following a competitive tender, the club appointed Midstream Lighting to design and deliver a brand new floodlighting system.

Products and services provided:

  • Manufacture and supply of 12 Modus R1000 LED floodlights.

Key achievements:

  • Supported the club through a lengthy planning cycle.
  • Aided in securing an electric supply to the raceway.
  • Enabled longer operational hours, supporting greater usage and engagement.

Extensive experience meets world-leading design
While the club and Midstream were keen to get started with the installation, a few initial challenges needed to be overcome. The first involved the provision of electricity to the track, which saw Midstream working with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks to specify the required power levels. With certain sensitivities around the location of the raceway, a protracted planning period then followed, with Midstream supporting the club at every turn.

Another issue that needed to be tackled was the design of the lighting system itself. In many sports, the relevant governing bodies provide comprehensive guidance on appropriate lux levels, but that isn’t the case for BMX, however. As a result, Midstream’s extensive history with sports lighting was brought into play, enabling the company to design a high-performance – and highly cost effective – 200 lux system.

Key to that design are the company’s Modus R1000 LED floodlights, 12 of which are now installed across six masts at the track. Angled straight down so as to prevent any shadowing around jumps, doubles, and rhythm sections, these high-quality luminaires are helping
Andover’s members train and race well into night.

“Initial feedback on the quality of light is Amazing! Many users are suggesting it's like turning on the daylight! and some riders are enjoying their riding of the track and not realising what time is until I tell them we have to turn them off! Even in the rain the light quality is awesome, better than daytime in the rain! The quality of light fall is excellent with no shadows and offers really good light for coaching and racing.”

– Eric Esslemont, Club Chairman, Andover BMX Club

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