Blackburn Rovers Indoor Centre (BRIC) - Case Study

Blackburn Rovers Indoor Centre, Blackburn - England

Founded in 1875, Blackburn Rovers are six-time winners of the FA Cup and one of only a handful of sides with a Premier League title to their name. The Blackburn Rovers Indoor Centre, part of the club’s Ewood Park facility, offers five-a-side and seven-a-side football pitches that can also accommodate netball, handball, and a host of other sports.

A shining light for the local community

The Blackburn Rovers Indoor Centre (BRIC) is part of footballing history. As the training ground for Sir Kenny Dalglish’s 1994/95 Premier League-winning side, the venue has played host to legends of the game including Alan Shearer, Chris Sutton, and Graeme le Saux. Today, and thanks to the work of the Blackburn Rovers Community Trust, the BRIC now serves as a vital multi-purpose sports facility for local residents.

With the BRIC approaching almost three decades in use, however, both the club and Community Trust recognised that the centre was in need of significant refurbishment. A S Sports Systems – a highly respected specialist sports surfacing company – was appointed to handle the overhaul, and selected Midstream Lighting to upgrade the centre’s ageing floodlighting system.

Products and services provided:

  • Manufacture and supply of 46 Modus 150 LED floodlights

Key achievements:

  • Major improvements to illuminance, from 170 to >300 lux.
  • Lighting uniformity increased 0.31 to 0.67.
  • Reduction in total number of luminaires, from 72 to 46.
  • Per luminaire power consumption cut from 250w to 145w.
  • Total energy reduction of 62%


Energy reductions of

Modus Series

Modus 150

Lighter, brighter, and cheaper to run

Integral to that task were Midstream’s Modus 150 LED floodlights. This compact LED is angled directly towards the ground, making it ideal for indoor spaces like that found at the BRIC. Driving significant improvements in both illuminance (from 170 to >300 lux) and uniformity (from 0.31 to 0.67), the Modus 150’s powerful performance also enabled the total number of luminaires at the centre to be reduced from 72 to just 46.

While the removal of luminaires from the overall design has naturally helped to reduce power consumption, so too has the energy efficient nature of the Modus 150, which runs at just 145w in comparison with the 250w required by the BRIC’s old lamps. Finally, the new lighting system has helped to bring the centre’s colour temperature much closer to neutral, delivering further improvements to clarity and visibility.

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