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Woolhope Tennis Club, Hereford - UK

Welcoming both casual and competitive players, Woolhope Tennis Club in Hertfordshire operates two floodlit, all-weather macadam courts. With the club hosting Social Tennis evenings each Wednesday from 7pm alongside a range of league matches and club events, a high standard of lighting is imperative.

Mounting costs put old luminaries in the spotlight

The older a lighting system gets, the more expensive it becomes to run. Some of those costs can be obvious, with mounting energy bills indicative of inefficient, power-hungry luminaries. Others can be a little harder to track; the expense of ad-hoc repairs and upkeep, for instance, or even the lengthy warm-up times that go hand-in-hand with older systems. Either way, they all add up.

For Woolhope Tennis Club, its floodlighting costs were starting to add up and its outdated metal halide system had become almost prohibitively expensive to use. The ageing luminaries were proving to be increasingly unreliable, and replacement parts that much harder to track down. Change was clearly needed.

Products and services provided:

  • Manufacture and supply of 12 Modus 450 LED floodlights.
  • Retrofit design accommodating local authority light spill requirements.

Key achievements:

  • Running cost reductions in excess of 50%.
  • Significant maintenance-related time and cost savings.
  • Instantaneous start up, further reducing energy consumption.
  • Three-day installation period, minimising court downtime.


Energy reductions of

Modus S Series

Modus 450

Major savings with minimal disruption

Using a retrofit design that saved the club money by retaining its masts, Midstream replaced the 12 existing luminaires with its energy efficient Modus 450s. As a result, power consumption was reduced from around 1.1kW per unit to just 475w – the equivalent of a 50%+ saving on ongoing running costs.

Another key advantage from a cost efficiency perspective is the fact that the club’s lights now switch on instantaneously. Rather than waiting for the luminaires to warm up every time they’re powered up, the two courts can be lit immediately – delivering further energy savings and reducing waiting time for player.

Fully compliant with the Lawn Tennis Association’s recommended lighting levels, Woolhope’s new lighting system gives the club everything it needs to support players long into the future.

“We’re delighted, not just with the new lights themselves but also the whole process of working with Midstream. The team there provided us with great advice, quick and hassle-free installation, and a first-class product.”

Alison – Woolhope Tennis Club

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