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The Universiade, or World University Games as it’s also known, is the largest multi-sport event in the world apart from the Olympic Games. The 2019 Universiade was originally planned to take place in Brazil. However, due to financial difficulties, Brazil dropped out and a new host was appointed – Naples. The race was on to get everything ready before the nearly 6,000 competitors from 112 nations arrived.

The Naples Tennis Club was chosen to host the 46 nations taking part in the event’s tennis competitions.


The International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) have strict guidelines on the quality of facilities needed to host Universiade sports. As time was short, the only choice was to build a new – yet temporary – clay centre court to house the tennis tournament finals. And it had to be completed on-site within two weeks.


Because this was a ‘new build’ that later needed to be dismantled we chose our Modus R Series to deliver the project. It has a modular construction that makes it perfect for new, retrofit, and tailored applications. And because the series was been designed with sporting venues in mind, it delivers low glare, broadcast-quality, flicker-free lighting – all of which were needed for this project. The Modus R Series also provides a colour rendering index of CRI 90 – perfect for sports lighting. They’re also made in Europe, helping to keep delivery times to an absolute minimum.

On-site we used four poles to house five lights each. And after the event, thanks again to the modular design, everything was easily dismantled and is being held in storage for the club to use in the future.







Naples Tennis Club/19th Universiade

Project date:

June-July 2019

LED floodlights installed:



Modus R 800

Lux average values:


Naples Tennis Club Sports Case Study


LED floodlights installed

June-July 2019

Project Date

Modus R800

Product used

Naples Tennis Club Sports Case Study
Naples Tennis Club Sports Case Study
Naples Tennis Club Sports Case Study
Naples Tennis Club Sports Case Study
Naples Tennis Club Sports Case Study


With LED
Number of Projectors 20
Nominal Power for single appliance 800
Absorbed power (measured data) 16 kW
Total Power Absorbed  16 kW
Colour temperature 5700K
Colour rendering index 90
Average light level 1700+ Lux
Uniformity Emin/Eav > 0.8

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