January 26th, 2019

Midstream Lighting appoints new Director of Sports Lighting

Leading global designer, manufacturer and solutions architect of advanced LED floodlighting, Midstream Lighting, has announced that it has appointed James Brunt as Director of Sports to join the business.

James will be leading the sports lighting division for Midstream Lighting following his previous role as Sports Lighting Manager at Abacus Lighting, where he worked for 16 years. His background in the sports lighting sector is in providing solutions to clients across the entire sporting remit, having had experience delivering grass roots facilities all the way through to world class sporting stadiums. Over the last 16 years James has been responsible for the design and delivery of thousands of sports lighting installations and is a trusted advisor throughout the industry.

Tell us a little bit about your background?

A. I’ve always been a bit of a sport ‘nerd’. I loved it at school – and if I say so myself I was pretty good at it. Then, for my degree, I studied Sports Psychology and Physical Education. And before moving into Sports Lighting I was a coach at the LA Galaxy team in Los Angeles.

What made you want to join Midstream Lighting?

A. The opportunity, the business, the products, and the people. The chance to head up the Sports Lighting Division of the industry’s market leader was simply too hard to resist. The products and solutions we offer at Midstream are without a doubt the very best. And the people here are all experts in their field – and an amazing bunch to work with.

What are the three main benefits of switching to LED lighting?

A. Better quality – including colour rendering and broadcast quality. Lower maintenance costs. And a significant drop in energy use – good for both the bottom-line and your environmental credentials.

Where do you think the future of high mast LED lighting is going?

A. Already sports governing bodies like the Football Association and the Rugby Football Union are looking at this as the standard solution for lighting sports pitches. The good news however is, with the cost of LED floodlights coming down and performance increasing, LED will become the standard product in high mast lighting within the next three years.

Where do you find most satisfaction when you’re working on a project?

A. I can honestly say I love the whole process – from the initial planning meetings with a client to the design and installation. The very best bit though is seeing the lights come on for the very first time. Nothing beats that.

How does Midstream differentiate itself from the competition?

A. First and foremost, we’re the leading LED manufacturing business in the UK and Europe. We see projects through from design to installation – making sure our high-quality standards are maintained every step or the way. Lots of the competition aren’t OEM businesses, or they may only focus on one part of a project. Worst of all they may supply poor quality products and solutions.

What’s the most exciting Midstream project you’re currently working on?

A. AFC Wimbledon – a club with such a great history. We’re installing LED floodlighting at their brand new stadium.

What sports are you into? And who do you support?

A. I love all sports – from cricket to rugby and golf to badminton. But my true passion, without a doubt, is football.

Favourite stadium you’ve visited?

A. That’s a tough one. I’ve been lucky enough to visit all 92 football league stadia and amazing stadia all over the world. I think the top one thought is Lord’s Cricket Ground. I worked on the lighting there and it just has something else that sets it apart from the rest.

Your top sporting moment?

A. Being an avid Mansfield Town fan possibly the Freight Rover Trophy of 1987 at Wembley. Everything went down to the wire and we beat Bristol on penalties. If not that, when we won the Blue Square Premier League in 2013, which saw us return to the football league.

Meet James Brunt Our New Sports Lighting Superstar
Meet James Brunt Our New Sports Lighting Superstar
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