July 30th, 2021

Read our full article in Seanews: Good vs bad LED floodlighting in ports and terminals

In an article we produced recently for Sea News, our Technical Director and Co-Founder, Paolo Corno gave a brief overview of the many proven benefits of LED floodlighting for ports and terminals.

The article didn’t stop there though. It went on to examine in depth the lesser-known fact that not all LED floodlighting solutions are the same. Just as with a lot of things in life, quality counts and low-quality LED floodlighting can cause maritime operators significant problems – quicker than you’d think. Problems that can even call for a totally new, quality system.

An example of one of the issues poorly designed, cheaper LED systems can present for ports and terminals is the corrosion and wear caused by their high saline environments. Another, for maritime operators in extremely hot areas, is that the degradation heat can produce will substantially reduce a product’s lifetime.

High-quality floodlight systems, such as ours, are designed and manufactured to overcome these problems though. Find out how in Paolo’s article.

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