June 11th, 2019

Horticultural growers’ needs in the spotlight as Midstream launches Flare. at GreenTech

Commercial growers’ needs for effective and tailored alternatives to HPS / SON-T grow lights have been answered by the launch of Midstream Lighting’s Flare. LED toplighting system at GreenTech in Amsterdam (June 11 – 13).

Midstream, an innovative lighting solutions architect and provider since 2010, has used extensive feedback from international horticulturalists specialising in a wide range of flowers, plants and vegetables to develop the Flare. solution, which enables growers to tailor a wide range of spectra to suit their specific crops at all stages of plant growth.
“Growers’ needs were at the heart of our innovation process in developing Flare, which provides supplemental greenhouse and indoor sole-source lighting and acts as a replacement for or addition to traditional grow lights,” said Paolo Corno, Midstream co-founder and Technical Director.

“We have invested our time intensively in speaking with and understanding what growers need. As a result, we have carefully evolved our deep technical lighting expertise to produce a high-performance, versatile and adaptable lighting system that delivers the yield, uniformity, quality and sustainability that growers rely on,” said Midstream’s Corno.

“Our technology, products and solutions are set to revolutionise the future for growers around the world. Integrating our deep lighting expertise to meet the complex needs of growers is a natural fit,” said Alex Krupkin, Midstream co-founder and Head of Operations. “We are excited to be a pioneer in the future of lighting for horticulture, helping commercial growers benefit from our deep expertise in technology, manufacturing, design and financial structuring.”

About Midstream Lighting

Midstream Lighting is a trusted, leading global designer, manufacturer and solution architect of industrial high powered, specification grade lighting for greenhouses and growers, and mission-critical LED high mast lighting for the marine port, aviation, highway & rail, and sports stadia industries.

Established in the UK and the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, most recently ranked 18 out of 100, as one of the fastest growing SMEs in international sales by the Sunday Times, we have a strong, global footprint, with clients and projects all over the world. Our products and solutions feature cutting edge LED technology and their proprietary optic lens system which delivers one of the highest asymmetric light distributions you can find. In addition, our design led and bespoke spectrum solutions are not only scalable, they feature a quick turnaround from solution development to order placement to delivery.

We are dedicated to providing expert solutions, designs, advice and technology for our clients, with superior customer service and support from start to finish. We are with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our reliability, our affordability, our exceptional customer service, our innovative, integrated designs and our customer driven specification products & solutions that will truly transform your business.

“Integrating our deep lighting expertise to meet the complex needs of growers is a natural fit”

Midstream Lighting