March 9th, 2020

Seven apron floodlighting lessons learned over the years

We’ve been working with aviation clients all over the world, from major international hubs to regional airports to military facilities, for over a decade. And we’re masters at making LED lighting solutions for airport aprons.

Every project is different. Every one unique. That’s why we tailor our solution to your needs and don’t just sell you an ‘off-the-shelf’ package.

Here’s a preview of an upcoming webinar I’ll be doing all about the seven apron floodlighting lessons we’ve learned.

Lesson 1 – Your solution MUST be design led

  • You’ll learn: How floodlights can differ and what that means for you. Why you can’t assume there’s a ‘one-size-fits-all’ supplier or design. The benefits of having bespoke solutions to meet your needs. And why you must focus on your design before the product.

Lesson 2 – Testing and verification

  • You’ll learn: The reason for ‘Testing, Measuring, Verifying’ when you’ve got your design – something that can’t be stressed enough. The importance of using the knowledge of experts to check your design limits… not just at the start of the project, but at 6, 12, and 18 months too.

Lesson 3 – Optics rule

  • You’ll learn: How asymmetric optics and an asymmetric beam can help cut the No.1 airport enemy glare all whilst reaching the correct lighting compliancy level. Get this right and you’ll have far less pilot glare and extremely safe apron.

Lesson 4 – Pay cheap, pay twice

  • You’ll learn: Why critical infrastructures, like apron lighting, need premium products (clue… they’ll last longer). As well as why it’s important to go back to Lesson 2 to check what you’re actually getting. Cheap and cheerful can lead to £££s and tears.

Lesson 5 – Remote drivers vs integrated drivers

  • You’ll learn: The choices you have with regards to driver preferences and what that means for you. Plus, the importance of effects of surge protectors. Making sure you choose correctly can make or break a project!

Lesson 6 – Controls and intelligence

  • You’ll learn: Why controls and IoT are the ‘flavour-of-the-day’. What options there are and their relative benefits and issues. If automation is really the future or not… find out why!

Lesson 7 – Red vs white vs yellow light

  • You’ll learn: The reasons behind why there’s been a whole lot of nonsense batting backward and forwards about red versus yellow versus white light. What car headlight designers have known for years. Yellow and white are both ‘cool’.

That’s it – a tease into your seven quick lessons learned!

Watch this space to see my special apron floodlighting webinar where I’ll go into lots more detail on all of this.

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