14 Greek Fraport AG Airports

A leading player in the global airport business, more than 176 million passengers use airports where Fraport owns more than a 50% stake in. This includes 14 regional airports in Greece, from the Aktion National Airport to Zakynthos, that Fraport manages. As part of a major project to modernise these airports, Fraport asked for our help.

The challenge

  • All 14 of the Greek airports Fraport manages had outdated lighting systems that weren’t compliant with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations. And this needed fixing – fast.
  • This meant new mast positions and heights for all 14 airports needed to be planned, taking into account:
    • OLS (Obstacle Limitation Surfaces) restrictions.
    • Wingtip clearance for various types of aircraft.
    • Keeping civil works needed for new cabling as low as possible.

Our solution

Working with Intrakt, Fraport’s main contractor, we designed and delivered a completely new, compliant lighting system for each airport. Using our Titan 560 lighting, which was the perfect match between power and weight, meant:

  • Increased high colour rendering led to improved safety.
  • Shadow areas between planes were reduced through the new tower positioning. This guaranteed a better working environment for ground staff.
  • Energy use could be cut – by 55% on average.
  • And lower maintenance costs thanks to the Titan 560’s stainless steel construction
    – especially important where an airport is near the sea which can cause issues with salinity.





Fraport AG

Number of airports:


Installation height:

Variable: 12m to 40m

Project date:


LED floodlights installed:



Titan Series

Lux average values:

30 Lux

Energy Savings:

55% on average


LED floodlights installed


Number of airports


Energy savings

Titan Series


Fraport Group - Midstream Lighting
Image by Rigel JMK
Image by Rigel JMK

“From a technical perspective we are very happy with the support, service and solution provided by Midstream Lighting. The lighting solution has been a real upgrade for each of the airports Fraport-Greece has completed so far and we are excited see the final upgrades done later this year”

Bill Fullerton
Chief Technical Officer, Fraport Greece

“The Midstream Lighting solution and service was as good as it gets. The speed and quality of their work from day 1 was exactly what we needed, from completing the lighting designs for every airport in such a short space of time right through to delivery, and of course the quality of the lighting solution. This project was a huge success and they played an extremely important part of it”

Sotiris Angos
Mechanical Engineer, INTRAKAT

Product used for Fraport AG: Titan Series

  • A highly asymmetric floodlight providing an excellent solution for low glare applications.
  • Our propriety optics deliver maximum light levels on designated areas.
  • It’s designed for maximum heat management.
  • And it’s manufactured to survive the harshest of environments, whilst delivering high performance and long life.
  • Which in total makes it the go-to product for many of our aviation and maritime clients for years.

The 14 airports:

Aktion National Airport, Cephalonia Airport, Chania Airport, Corfu Airport, Kavala Airport, Kos Island Airport, Mykonos Airport, Mytilene Airport, Rhodes Airport, Samos Airport, Santorini Airport, Skiathos Airport, Thessaloniki Airport, Zakynthos Airport.

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