Pisa Airport (PSA)

PSA is just a 10 minute drive, or a short train ride, to the historic city of Pisa. A gateway to the popular holiday region of Tuscany too, it serves 20 airlines. The most important
in terms of numbers being low-cost carriers such a Jet2, easyJet, and Ryanair. Other airlines flying to and from PSA include Alitalia, British Airways, Delta, KLM, and Qatar.
The airport is also home to the Italian 46th Air Brigade.
PSA is officially named Pisa Galileo Galilei International – after the famous astronomer, physicist, and engineer.


PSA asked us to upgrade its current High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting to an LED system to improve lighting over the whole airport and deliver significant energy savings.
This was going to be a huge project involving 22 masts over the airport. Two of these masts were going to be new builds, so their planning and construction needed to be taken into account.
Before we could start on the whole project, one mast needed to be replaced straight away. This would lose the airport a lot of evening capacity, at its busiest time of year. To solve this, we temporarily installed two of our Mobile Tower Series masts. See our Case Study to find out more.
Several months later we were able to move on to deliver the airport’s total lighting upgrade.


The heights of the masts to be upgraded, and the new ones constructed, ranged from 8m to 30m. Their distances from PSA’s stands varied too. So, we used a mix of our Titan Series to deliver the Lux and Uniformity levels needed.

Our flagship line, the Titan Series was the perfect choice to replace PSA’s inefficient, energy-consuming HPS lighting.

Designed by our expert engineers, it delivers the high performance and reliability needed in mission-critical applications. Just two of the reasons it’s the go-to product for many of our aviation clients worldwide.

Thanks to our proprietary optic lenses, it allows airports to achieve the lighting levels they need – with less power and lower glare. So, all ICAO requirements can be easily met.

The Titan Series is also ideal for retrofit and new build projects – meaning it could be easily applied to both PSA’s current and new masts.

The Titan luminaires used were:

  • 4 X Titan 320
  • 8 X Titan 420
  • 66 X Titan 720








Number of passengers:




Average aircraft movements:


LED floodlights installed:

4 x Titan 320, 8 x Titan 420, 66 x Titan 720


Titan Series

Lux average values:

20+ Lux



Pisa Airport Aviation Case Study

4 x Titan 320, 8 x Titan 420, 66 x Titan 720

LED floodlights installed



Pisa Airport Aviation Case Study
Pisa Airport Aviation Case Study
Pisa Airport Aviation Case Study


Before After with LED
Number of Projectors 144 78
Nominal Power for single appliance 800 /1000/ 2000 326/455/705
Total power absorbed 144 kW 51.4kW
Energy consumption per year 61900 kWh 221338 kWh
Colour temperature 2000k 5000k
Colour rendering index 25 70
Average light level 20 20+
Uniformity 0.25 0.3
Energy savings 64%

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