Queen Alia International (QAIA)

Jordan’s largest and busiest airport, Queen Alia International (QAIA) has undergone a significant programme of expansion in recent years. Major upgrades to QAIA’s terminal facilities have now upped the airport’s annual passenger capacity to some 12m.

The challenge

A four-time winner of the annual Airport Service Quality Awards, Jordan’s Queen Alia International is one of the Middle East’s busiest aviation hubs. Based in the capital city of Amman, QAIA has seen significant redevelopment over the past decade, with milestone projects in 2013 and 2016 almost quadrupling the airport’s annual capacity.

One aspect of the airport that hadn’t kept pace with that refurbishment was its apron lighting. Under Jordan’s scorching sun, QAIA’s existing metal halide floodlights had begun to deteriorate. Lux levels and uniformity were falling, and the system required ongoing maintenance in order to remain compliant. As a result, operator Airport International Group (AIG) was eager to find a long term solution.

Products and services provided:

  • Design of an ICAO-compliant retrofit lighting solution.
  • Manufacture and installation of 191 Titan series luminaires.

Key achievements:

  • Annual energy savings of 68%.
  • Retention of QAIA’s existing mast infrastructure.
  • Light levels tripled in comparison with original values.
  • Significant maintenance-related cost savings.


LED floodlights installed

Titan Series



Energy savings

A heat-resistant, fully compliant solution

In 2018, AIG gave Midstream the go-ahead to proceed with a trial project, one that would see 14 of the lighting company’s Titan Series units installed. Pleased with how simple those luminaires were to install, and impressed with the resultant energy savings, IAG invited Midstream to tender for a larger contract – a pitch that we subsequently won.

With a design that utilised 191 of its Titan 420, Titan 560 and Titan 720 luminaires, Midstream got to work on a full overhaul of QAIA’s apron lighting areas. Those robust, heat-resistant, and energy efficient luminaires were retrofitted across the airport’s existing mast infrastructure – a significant cost saving in itself. But with lower maintenance costs and a reduction in energy usage of 68%, QAIA’s new lighting is cheaper to run on an ongoing basis too.

As well as being present to oversee the install, Midstream representatives also provided AIG with remote support on how to achieve the optimum lighting levels – ensuring that QAIA remains fully compliant with International Civil Aviation Organization recommendations.

Product used at QAIA: Titan Series

  • A highly asymmetric floodlight providing an excellent solution for low glare applications.
  • Our propriety optics deliver maximum light levels on designated areas.
  • It’s designed for maximum heat management.
  • And it’s manufactured to survive the harshest of environments, whilst delivering high performance and long life.
  • Which in total makes it the go-to product for many of our aviation and maritime clients for years.

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