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The Modus Series - For Maritime & Aviation Applications

The Modus Series Floodlights

The Modus Series Floodlights, developed by Midstream Lighting, are an innovative solution for environments that require the replacement of 2 kW Metal Halide projectors. These floodlights are designed to meet the high lumen package needs of various settings, ranging from military airfields to open-air repair bays. With their long lifespan and low maintenance requirements, the Modus Series Floodlights offer a reliable lighting solution for demanding environments.

Features and benefits of the Modus Series:

  • Easy Retrofit Solution: The Modus Series Floodlights provide an easy retrofit solution for replacing 2 kW Metal Halide floodlights. This makes the transition to LED lighting seamless and hassle-free, without the need for extensive modifications or rewiring.
  • Versatile Modular Design: The Modus Series Floodlights feature a modular design that allows for a versatile approach to lighting design. This design enables the combination of different power products in the same location, providing flexibility and tailored solutions for various lighting applications.
  • High lumen package: delivering over 65,000 lumens to meet the highest requirements and standards.
  • Asymmetric or Symmetric Distribution: Designed to have either asymmetric or symmetric distribution, the Modus Series Floodlights offer flexibility in lighting design. This allows for a tailored approach to meet specific lighting requirements, ensuring optimal light distribution for different settings
  • Highly efficient Heat dissipation: An in-house designed extruded heat sink allows for highly efficient heat dissipation due to its large surface area, when compared with a die-cast product. This keeps lumen degradation to a minimum, extending life and performance.
  • Surge Protection: Designed as standard with an integrated 2 step surge protection up to 15kA / 20kV which protects the luminaire against power surges meaning more reliability and longer performance.
  • Durable Construction: Manufactured with a stainless steel construction, the Modus Series Floodlights offer improved structural integrity and a longer product life. This durability makes them suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging settings.
  • DALI controls for plug and play capability. This allows for easy integration with existing lighting systems and enables seamless control and management of the floodlight’s operation.


  •  Maritime (Container Terminals, docks, shore-side infrastructure)
  • Aviation (Aprons, de-icing areas, etc)
  • Military airfields
  • Open-air repair bays

The products

  • MODUS 150
  • MODUS 300
  • MODUS 450



Modus 450 LED Floodlight Midstream Lighting



Luminaire OutputUp to 22.000 lmUp to 42.000 lmUp to 65.000 lm
Power AbsorptionUp to 155 WUp to 330 WUp to 475 W
Lumen Maintenance [L90 B10]90'700 h90'700 h90'700 h
Lumen Maintenance [L70 B50]> 140.000 h> 140'000 h> 140.000 h
CRI70 - 80 - 90
Colour Temperature3000 K Warm White / 4000 K Neutral White / 5000 K Pure White / 5700 K Cool White
Secondary OpticsWeather proof, Anti-yellowing PMMA refraction matrix
No of LEDs3272128
Luminaire Body
Chassis and Bracket Stainless Steel 3Cr12Stainless steel 3Cr12 (optional AISI 316)Stainless steel 3Cr12 (optional AISI 316)
Metal FinishAnti-corrosive primer and powder coatingAnti-corrosive primer and powder coatingAnti-corrosive primer and powder coating
HeatsinksAnodized extruded aluminium alloy AL6060Anodized extruded aluminium alloy AL6060Anodized extruded aluminium alloy AL6060
BracketAngled or straight bracket - 1x M20 and 2x M12 fixing points available Angled reversible bracket - 1x M20 and 2x M16 fixing points available Angled reversible bracket - 1x M20 and 2x M16 fixing points available
Weight6.5 Kg11.5 Kg15.5 Kg
Dimensions (L-W-H)201 x 296 x 201 mm418 x 259 x 260 mm434 x 333 x 345 mm
Protection LevelIP67IP67IP66
Impact ResistanceIK09
Windage EPA0.05 m20.094 m20.130 m2
Driver Electronics
Input Voltage 200-240 V AC 50-60Hz200-240 V AC 50-60Hz200-240 V ac 50-60Hz or 277-480 V ac at 50/60 Hz
Power factor0.960.970.96
Surge Protection10kV line-earth, 6kV line-line10kV line-earth, 6kV line-line10kV line-earth, 6kV line-line
Insulation ClassIEC Class I
Short Circuit ProtectionAuto-recovery
Over Heat ProtectionDrops output current
Total harmonic distortion (THD)10% (at 200-240 Vac and 75%-100% load)10% (at 200-240 Vac and 75%-100% load)10% (at 200-240 Vac and 75%-100% load) or 20% (at 277-480 Vac and 60%-100% load)
Operating Conditions
Working Temperature-40°C / + 75°C-40°C / + 75°C-40°C / + 75°C
Humidity Range 5% - 95%10% - 95%10% - 95%



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