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Fenix Marine Services
Pier 300, Los Angeles, CA

Formerly, APL’s Eagle Marine Services, Fenix is one of the largest terminals in the Twin Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which together form the largest port complex in North America.
Fenix has an annual capacity of TEU 2.9M and spans nearly 300 acres. And its four deep-water berths are serviced by 16 STS cranes, and an extensive rail and truck network.

The challenge

Fenix has set a goal of becoming one of the most environmentally friendly terminals in the world. And has embarked on a sweeping modernisation project across the terminal. This included its lighting system.
Installed in 1997, the original High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting wasn’t meeting the environmental and operational standards.

Some of the most notable, growing issues the HPS system was presenting Fenix with were:

  • It was highly inefficient and consuming a vast amount of electricity.
  • Due to the relatively short life span of HPS lamps, it was costly to maintain.
  • As lamps started to degrade, the system was failing to give the crisp lighting necessary for Fenix to operate safely at 100%.
  • Replacing lamps was causing additional problems because of the downtime needed.


Fenix knew an LED system could not only solve these issues but give additional benefits at the same time too. So, they invited the world’s top LED manufacturers to present their proposed upgrade designs.

Our proposal focused on:

  • Reducing the installed wattage.
  • Eliminating as many fixtures as possible.
  • Delivering the fastest payback time achievable.

Fenix was so impressed with our efficient, robust, and economical design they chose us as the winner of this highly competitive tender. What also convinced them to award us the project was that we could, with our local installer partner, Marine Technical Services, run everything from start to finish — taking away all the complexities of such an important project from Fenix.

Our Solution

We provided Fenix with a total turnkey solution to retrofit their lighting system in just four months — during the COVID-19 pandemic. We surveyed the site, designed the lighting solution, removed the old manual control system, replaced it with a new integrated system, and installed our LED Atlas Series luminaires. A proprietary product, the Atlas Series has been specially designed to withstand harsh marine environments.

The timing of the project was perfect, as the Los Angeles Department of Water and


Power was supporting the California Clean Air Action Plan with its CLIP rebate program. The size of this project meant it had the potential to be one of the biggest rebates they ever issued.

We managed the collection of all the data and submission of the rebate application for Fenix. This was approved in January 2020. And we succeeded in getting the port a total rebate of $750,000 — the largest applicable!





Fenix Marine Services

Project Location:

Pier 300, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Project date:

January 2020

LED floodlights installed:



Atlas Series


> 0.25

Lux average values:

39 Lux

Energy savings:

2.8 million kWh a year

Payback time:

Under 2 years

Working area:

292 acres


LED floodlights installed

2.8 million kWh a year

Energy savings

Under 2 years

Payback time

‘My favourite part of this project was how Midstream was able to work closely, day in and day out, with the installation contractor and they were able to stay on schedule and not impact any of our terminal operations.’


The results

The new lights are already on track to cut Fenix’s energy use by 2.8M kWh per year. Maintenance costs have been dramatically reduced already too. Combining these reduced energy and maintenance costs alongside the CLIP rebate program means the project will pay for itself in under 2 years.


The terminal’s lighting now provides a safer and more secure environment for their staff and visiting container ships too. This will continue well beyond our 10-year warranty, with hardly any light degradation.

‘The upgraded Midstream LED system allows us to have much better lighting levels and consistency throughout the yard and makes the operations more productive, safe, and economically viable. We at Fenix are a very demanding customer and Midstream was able to meet each one of those demands in turn.’



Before LED
Number of Projectors 966 906
Nominal Power for single appliance 1000 W Avg. 450W
Absorbed Power(measured data) 1,250W Avg. 465W
Total Power Absorbed 1,245kW 427.8kW
Energy Consumption per year 5,438,160kW 1,868,630kW
Colour Temperature 3000 5000
Colour Rendering Index N/a 70
Average Light Level N/A 39 Lux
Uniformity N/A 0.25

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